I've been preparing for our Finlayson Sew-Along this week and have gathered together four excellent prizes to award to four excellent Finlaysons that I am sure will result from your sew-along efforts!

Four generous fabric stores, who carry a wonderful selection of Finlayson-worthy knits, have kindly partnered with us to provide gift certificates.  Here  are the details:

Finlayson Sew-Along

First prize is a $100 gift certificate to Hart's Fabric (plenty enough for a proper shopping spree!).

Second prize is an excellent $50 gift certificate to Britex Fabrics.

Third prize is a satisfying $30 gift certificate to Girl Charlee.

The final prize is a special "Canadian Entry" prize which will be awarded to a Canadian sewist.  This sewist will receive a $30 gift certificate to one of our newest stockists, Simplifi.

To win one of these gift certificates you can send us a photo of your finished Finlayson either by email (info@threadtheory.ca), by commenting with a link to your sweater on our blog (comment on any post!).  We will choose our favorite four sweaters from this selection and award their skilled sewists a gift certificate each.  Submit your entries by October 1st for a chance to win!

September 03, 2014 — Matthew Meredith