Welcome to the first post of our Jutland Pants Sew-Along!

As I mentioned in our announcement blog post, this sew-along will be a little different than a classic sew-along.  Instead of covering each step of the Jutland Pants construction process, we will be offering a week of blog posts that show you how to customize this pattern to truly make these pants personalized!


 Also, I’d mentioned in the announcement post that we would be offering a number of videos…um…that’s not going to happen :P.  Matt and I valiantly struggled through a large number of flawed takes and many hours of work before becoming completely exasperated with the quality of instruction we were producing.  We’ve had a few customers request video tutorials from us so, to those who have, I’m sorry that we aren’t able to provide these for you!  In short, we have discovered that my shy personality paired with Matt’s obsession with perfection leads to VERY long filming days and videos complete with a squeaky, stuttering me and inferior lighting, coloring and angles.  Considering how much time we invest into a photographed sew-along (read LOTS), we just aren’t able to add more time to this by attempting to create videos.  For now at least!

Tuesday’s post will feature a few videos (minus sound) that we were able to produce but the rest of the posts will be the usual detailed photographs, write ups and a number of diagrams.  I hope they will be really helpful to you while you work on your pants!

November 30, 2014 — Matthew Meredith