Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  I’ll be doing a “2014 Reflections and Resolutions” post on Thursday but, in the meantime, I need to sneak in the final project post before the year finishes!  Here are the final photos of the two Jutland Pants that I made for the sew-along.


First up, we have Matt’s Otter Waxed pants that I made using Variation One of the Jutland Pants pattern.  As you might recall, I adjusted this width of the legs slightly for this version to better suit Matt’s style and proportions.  I tapered them from the knee down to the hem.IMGP2822

I really love how the waxed canvas looks!  The wax gives the fabric such body and depth.  Matt has been wearing these pants non-stop and they have worn in to fit him like a second skin already (in a good way – they aren’t wearing out, they are just getting those desirable creases and that comfortable softness that people strive for with jeans).IMGP2823

These photos were taken on the first day that he wore his new pants so you can see that the wax is creasing in odd areas (see the photo below).  The more Matt wears his pants, the more the wax settles so those creases have disappeared.  The wax has made these pants very warm – it offers a level of protection from the wind and a heaviness that Matt finds really comfortable for frosty walks in the forest.  He got them pretty muddy along the hem on his first walk in them but, once the mud dried, it brushed fully off and he was able to wear his pants for Christmas dinner (with a dress shirt they actually looked quite nice!)!IMGP2824

The second pair of Jutlands that I made are for my Uncle, but, since he lives a province away, my dad graciously modeled them for a quick photoshoot.IMGP2861

This pair was made using the design options from Variation 2.  I added removable knee pads, a screw driver pocket (instead of cargo pockets), a gusset and the optional lining.IMGP2867

Below are a few photos to show you how the pants appear with the knee pads inserted and without.  My dad commented that they looked a little low when he first put the pants on but I told him to kneel and, low and behold, they sit exactly where they are needed to protect the knees (I designed them this way since it bothers me when knee and elbow patches are placed where the joint sits before the joint is bent…it makes the patches completely useless!).IMGP2862IMGP2875

Next is a shot of the reinforced hems.  The pants are a bit short for my dad because I shortened the leg to suit my Uncle’s 33″ inseam.IMGP2869

My dad found that the lack of cargo pockets on this pair elevate these pants from single purpose work pants (such as the orange canvas pair that I made for him) to multi-purpose winter pants that are heavy duty for use in his workshop but nice enough to wear around town.  He’s hoping they don’t fit my Uncle so that he can add them to his ever-growing pants drawer!IMGP2870

The only image I got of the screw driver pocket isn’t very clear but it at least shows you the placement of the pocket – within easy reach!  I mentioned to my dad that the pocket is maybe a little too long for most screw-drivers and that I wished I had shortened it.  He said, for his uses, that he really liked the length because he would rather be able to fit any long tool in the pocket than have a pocket that is too short and causes tools to slip out.  He said, matter-of-factly, that he would simply stuff a rag in the bottom of the pocket if he wanted to use it for shorter screwdrivers.  My dad…always thinking creatively :D.IMGP2872
Now that the sew-along is finished, you can find it on our website here.  I’d love to see your finished Jutland Pants!  Did anyone make them as a Christmas gift?  Nicole is collecting photos of your versions and she’ll be doing a compilation post of all of them some time in the New Year.  Enjoy the rest of your holidays!

January 12, 2023 — Matthew Meredith