Black Friday Sale Thread Theory-4 While Black Friday isn't a worldwide phenomena, it has most certainly spread from the US into Canada in recent years.  If you are like me and don't enjoy the masses of people or the frenzy of advertising that takes place on a day like today, you'll probably be holing up inside your sewing room to enjoy the process of creating rather than consuming.  In case you run out of projects but don't want to run to the store:  Our PDF patterns are 50% off for Black Friday, the weekend and Cyber Monday so you can download your next project without the need to leave your sewing machine!  Let the making begin! This weekend I hope to get a start on Matt's tailored Goldstream Peacoat - at long last - using our Tailoring Supplies Kit and some wonderful Pendleton wool.  Last weekend involved all sorts of making too; Matt's brother and his fiancee (our talented graphic designer), Sonia, were visiting.  Sonia joined my Mom and I at a local Christmas craft fair called Stagnhare.  It was a lot of fun and very exhausting to chat with so many people about sewing! Black Friday Sale Thread Theory-9 By the way, the screen printed bag you can see on the left hand side of the photo (that reads: Go ahead and create something exceptional) is a project that I just finished screen printing in time for the craft fair.  It will be available in our shop next week! Sonia is an avid knitter so we agreed that she would teach me to knit while they visited if I taught her how to sew.  It was a great arrangement for me because my knitting lessons came with a whole team of ball-winders :P.Black Friday Sale Thread Theory-3Black Friday Sale Thread Theory-2Black Friday Sale Thread Theory-6 I've begun to knit the Funnel Neck Sweater from Erika Knight's book, Men's Knits: A New Direction.  Here's an Instagram post that I made about this project recently so you can see part of the sweater design: While this is a big project to tackle for my first serious knitting project (I've never properly followed a pattern before), I think it's a good choice because it is something that I REALLY like and want to see finished.  I was hesitant to choose a smaller project that I was less excited about because I wouldn't be as inclined to finish it!  I'm using the Maxi Wool from our shop for this project.  Sonia helped me choose slightly smaller needles since this wool is a little bit thicker than the pattern calls for.  I knitted a test square and it came out exactly the right size! I didn't get a photo of Sonia working on her sewing project unfortunately, but you can take my word for it that she did an excellent job! Thread Theory Menswear Supply Shop-41 We grabbed one of the new Carry-All Bag Making Kits from our shop for her to work on.  She chose the "Ready for the Next Adventure" design and tackled the project on my industrial sewing machine. Thread Theory Menswear Supply Shop-40 I know a speedy industrial machine probably isn't the best suited for teaching new sewers but I thought it would be excellent practice for her because she hopes to learn how to sew on a Sailrite machine so that she can sew canvas and repair sails for their sailboat.  Working with heavy sails and a finicky but powerful machine is a whole different ballgame than sewing garments and working on a domestic sewing machine.  The industrial machine and the canvas bag project were a step in the right direction for her. Have you ever taught someone to sew?  This was my first time and I really enjoyed it!  It felt very satisfying to provide Sonia with the skills to hem her own pants and dresses (she's short like I am so I know just how empowering that can be!) and to start her on her way to sewing for her sailboat.  She was stoked with her new bag too, so that's a bonus :).   Happy sewing!  I hope you enjoy the 50% off pattern sale!
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Marc said:

The 50%off was a great idea, I bought 2 pdf patterns.

ThreadTheory said:

Yes! You are officially a long distance member! We should have some Skype knitting sessions :D. I’m planning the Camas Blouse Sew-Along as a New Years project – it will begin in the first week of January! Thanks for suggesting one and holding me to my promise, it’s about time I get sew-alongs up for every pattern. After the Camas Blouse the only sew-along left to create will be the Newcastle Cardigan – yay!

Sophie said:

I love this post! I’ve been doing some sewing myself today too ;) Being able to hem my own pants using my very own sewing machine is AMAZING, since it used to take me weeks when I would do it by hand…or just not at all, haha. I really want to join your guys’ sewing/knitting club :) Can I be a long-distance member? Maybe we’ll be able to squeeze in some crafting sessions when I finally come to visit next year. You’re very brave Morgan to tackle such a big knitting project! I’m sure it’ll turn out great :)

P.S. I promise I’ll send you pics of my projects soon, still waiting on that blouse sew-along though! ;)

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