sewing-affair_logoIf you enjoy following sewing blogs, you likely spend a considerable amount of time reading from a computer screen because there are so many excellent sewing blog posts to read through every single day!  I know, for me at least, that this massive quest to stay up to date with the online sewing world can seem a little daunting.  If you'd like a break from the computer screen and some time at your sewing machine instead, I have a solution for you!  Corinne, a fellow B.C. sewist, has recently begun a podcast on her blog, The Sewing Affair.   Thanks to her,  you can now abandon your computer screen and instead spend some quality time with your sewing machine, all the while listening to your favorite bloggers talk about sewing! So far, there have been five episodes, all approximately an hour long.  Corinne has enthusiastically interviewed some very interesting bloggers/sewers already - the stellar line-up includes the likes of Sunni, from A Fashionable Stitch, Seamstress Erin, Lauren Dahl, and Heather, from Handmade by Heather B!  And...the fifth episode, you might have already surmised by now, is of course an interview with me. I was greatly honored when Corinne contacted me requesting an interview (it made me feel like a famous person lol).  She was very warm and friendly and her pleasant chatting really helped calm my nerves.  The interview was held over Skype which always makes me a little quiet and uncomfortable to start with (my family can attest to this since they had to slog through countless Skype talks when Matt and I lived across the country for a year).  Plus, I get really nervous when I know my voice is being recorded because I am not nearly as eloquent when speaking as I try to be when writing.  And, last disclaimer...I have a high voice sadly reminiscent of a mouse squeaking :P.  But, all the same, Corinne was really lovely to talk to and it felt more like I was having coffee with a fellow sewist instead of being interviewed! If you'd like to hear what we talked about (it'll be like having a bunch of sewing friends chit chatting in your sewing room while you work on your projects), head on over to Corinne's blog! And be sure to follow her on Bloglovin' so that you can keep up with the episodes!


True Bias

True Bias said:

i listened last night and loved hearing your story and getting to know you better. i think this podcast is so great.


ThreadTheory said:

Thanks for listening! I hope you keep listening to future episodes – I think Corinne’s project is such a great addition to the online sewing community!

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