StrathCamasCascade-40 Last June, near my birthday, Erin (the super friendly sewist who blogs at Miss Crayola Creepy) surprised me by sending me a gift in the mail.  Not long prior she had made her husband a Strathcona Henley using a waffle knit that I coveted after searching fruitlessly for a similar fabric locally.  I had commented on her blog and had admired her henley (and her husband :P) and so Erin bought me some of the fabric and sent it along with a really nice birthday card.  Erin is a member of the LA Sewists group which is a network of sewing bloggers in the Los Angeles area.  They had a huge meet-up in June and we had contributed a pattern to their prize draw so Erin sent along some gorgeous LA Sewist wooden buttons as well for me to use for my Strathcona Henley.

***I can't find an LA Sewist website to link to...does anyone know if one exists?*** StrathCamasCascade-32

Anyways, long story short, thank you very much for being such a thoughtful sewist Erin!  I was so thrilled to receive a gift in the mail from a fellow blogger and, now that winter is here and it is time for cozy sweaters, Matt is just as thrilled to have a waffle knit Strath at last! StrathCamasCascade-28 As you can see, in the end I elected to skip the placket on this Strathcona and so the LA Sewists button remain nestled in my button container to await a future project.  I decided to do this because waffle knits do not retain their shape especially well and I worried that the weight of a button placket would cause the neckline and even the entire shirt front to droop considerably.  I'm glad I made this decision because as I sewed this shirt it felt like each seam was growing in length as I sewed it!  I used my serger and refrained from stretching the fabric as much as possible.  To combat the droopy nature of this knit I made both the neckline binding and the sleeve cuffs two inches narrower.  I probably could have taken as much as two more inches off!  As you can see above, the sleeve cuffs are still pretty wide (since Matt pulls up his sleeves to his elbows pretty often and has stretched them out a bit).StrathCamasCascade-25 Matt loves the fit of this Strath - it works nicely over t-shirts as a light sweater.  He layered it under another sweater when we went snow shoeing on the weekend and it provided lots of warmth. I had mentioned a few posts ago that I would be working on a wardrobe update for Matt over the next few months and would post a plan for this soon...well, as you can see, the first garment is finished and I still haven't posted the plan!  Here it is for you now: Flats My plan is to sew the waffle knit Strath (check!), three pairs of Comox Trunks using the fabric from our Comox Trunks kits (which happen to be on sale at the moment!) and then move on to some graphic Strathcona T-shirts.  Matt gets a lot of compliments on the printed t-shirt that I made using a Girl Charlee knit and so I plan to pick three or four new prints to create some more.  Matt doesn't like to think much about outfit planning so I'll try to pick prints that co-ordinate with most of his pants and sweaters.  I think they'll be a nice way to elevate a regular daily outfit into something a bit more stylish!  Here are a few of the prints I'm currently admiring: [gallery type="circle" ids="5300,5301,5302"]

1) Sparrows in the Woods Cotton Jersey Blend Knit Fabric

2) Vintage Palm Screen Cotton Jersey Knit Fabric

3) Mod Circles on Blue Cotton Jersey Knit Fabric

Lastly, I'm going to use the Jutland Pants pattern to create some really rugged jeans for Matt.  He wears through jeans at a shocking rate and so I'm considering purchasing a good quality U.S. made denim from TaylorTailor in hopes that it will hold up better than the cheap denim used in Matt's department store jeans.red_line_selvedge1-500x500 Whew, good thing my sewing mojo is at it's peak at the moment!  I've been pumping out garments left, right and center and have a lot to show you over the next few weeks.  I hope you're feeling on the top of your sewing game as well!
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ThreadTheory said:

Oh that’s disappointing! The print is so awesome! Thanks for the heads up, I really appreciate it; I hope my other two picks are of better quality – it can be so hard to tell when online fabric shopping.

oaklandbex said:

the shirt looks great! we’re having a swap in northern california this weekend, i’m going to keep an eye out for menswear for sure. quick tip though – that bird print fabric is adorable but TERRIBLE. it’s really thin and cheap and feels just yucky. thought i’d share the love while we’re looking out for fellow sewists ;)

misscrayolacreepy said:

Awwww, I’m so glad you liked the fabric! His version looks great!

It’s funny, I didn’t notice that the fabric stretched too much in the finished product because the shirt ended up fitting Luke well. I just made him a second version of the shirt with a different fabric and it is definitely more snug. I think I will have to size up for the next one, so yeah, that waffle knit definitely grows :)

Oh, there is no LA Sewist website. We’re not an official group, just an informal group that likes to meet up and hang out. Someday you’ll have to come to one of our meetups, we’d love to have you! xo

ThreadTheory said:

I hope your recent Strath is still wearable! I wish I had sized down with the waffle knit to get the snug fit that you achieved but Matt really likes it as an over-shirt so it’s a win :).

thimblenest said:

A waffle knit Strath is next on my list for my husband. Always glad to hear of good sources for quality denim—my husband goes through storebought jeans at the speed of light.

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