Alpine Inspiration Board - photos Since Matt and I have been very busy with the administration and technical aspects of running a menswear sewing pattern company over the last week (So much math!  So much time using complicated computer programs!  Both things I NEVER imagined myself doing for a living!)  I thought I'd give myself and you a bit of fun by pulling together some inspiration for our next collection of patterns. The Parkland Collection of four patterns will be complete with the release of the Goldstream Peacoat and consists of: As many of you, I'm sure, have noticed, our first collection was inspired by the beautiful parks we have been lucky to grow up in around the Vancouver Island area.  Indeed, Matt spent many a summer weekend anchored off Newcastle Island with his family and we got engaged atop a mountain on Jedediah Island. The inspiration for our next collection, the Alpine Collection, is a little less personal and is instead a nod to my love of research and history.  I am very intrigued by the idea of the 'outdoorsman' as embodied by numerous public figures throughout the 20th century such as Eric Shipton, Theodore Roosevelt, and Lionel Terray.  I think that rugged, comfortable and practical clothing with a classic aesthetic has a very firm place in most men's closets and that outdoor sporting clothes are very current as every day wear. To get myself immersed in and inspired by the lives led by people wearing such clothes, I have big plans to re-watch the excellent movie, North Face (2008), which, based on a true story, is about two German climbers who are part of a Nazi driven race to ascend the Eiger, a Swiss summit. Another film that looks interesting is the National Geographic's documentary, The Wildest Dream: Conquest of Everest (2010)  which includes all sorts of amazing historically accurate mountain climbing costumes from the 1920s. I've also assembled a board of inspiration based on current clothing brands.  What do you think? Alpine Inspiration Board - clothing
  1. Carhartt WIP Hickman Coat: Cozy hood, flap pockets, zipper closure with all-weather placket, drawstring to tighten waist.
  2. Filson Mackinaw Cruiser: Versatile as it would look nice in everything from wool to cotton to waterproof sports fabrics.
  3. Carhartt WIP Battle Parka: Love the angled flap pockets, lower face protection, draw strings, and hidden zipper.
  4. Filson Mackinaw Wool Vest: An everyday vest that is both sleek and cozy.  Love the front pocket shape.  Statement plaid!
  5. Filson Mackinaw Wool Vest: A more muted colour to show that this vest could also be elegant and gentlemanly.
  6. Moncler Twill Straight Leg Cargo Pants: A dressier slim-fit take on rugged cargo pants.
  7. Carhartt WIP Aviation Pant: Cargo pants suited for hard use but still modern with slim fit and low waist.
  8. Arcteryx Caliber Cardigan: Really interesting seamlines at the shoulders.  A nice easy to wear zip up.
  9. Carhartt WIP Elias Pocket Sweater: Just your average sweater...but with a pocket!
  10. Arcteryx Cordin Pullover: A simple sweater with great shoulder details.  Nice in a wool blend but could also be made lighter.
  11. Frank and Oak Greenwich Backpack: This would be a fun project to sew - especially with customized pockets!
  12. Frank and Oak Hyde Mountaineering Backpack: I love the double strap closure as a perfect leather accent!
Now that you've had a look at my ideas, do you have any garments you'd like to add to the pool of 'Alpine' themed menswear?  Request and suggest away!  Also, some of the great brands above have been referred to by our blog readers and I was thrilled to receive such excellent (and awesomely relevant to my theme!) inspiration.  Do you have any menswear brands that inspire you?  I'd love to take a look!
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starryfishathome said:

My husband would love these too. Not too slim on the cargo pants though, active men want room to move.

MadeByMeg said:

LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Perfect for our life in Northern California. The jacket featured at the top of the page is great, and a bag/backpack pattern would be amazing. Not sure if this fits in, but I recently embarked on making a sportscoat/blazer out of cotton canvas – a casual and more outdoorsy solution when you still need to look nice for work!

Tiffany said:

This is so great! I’m currently making myself an outdoor winter jacket (by altering a non-Canadian winter jacket pattern) and I am so disappointed with the lack of patterns. A jacket like that would be great for my husband. My husband dresses in a lot of the same clothing you put up there – for our hikes or just working out in the yard. Also, like Joanne’s brother-in-law, my husband wears insulated vests.

Joanne said:

My brother in law would love this collection! He’s an avid outdoorsman, plus he is super tall, so finding clothing is not so easy. Being able to alter a pattern is such a great advantage. So having observed what he generally likes to wear, I’d like to make a couple of suggestions: I think a quilted vest would be great for this collection. He rarely wears a jacket, instead he wears insulated vests over a long-sleeved shirt or sweater (so maybe something like #2 without the sleeves). And just in general, pockets are definitely a good addition to any outdoors outfit. You want to have your wallet, pocket knife, and other small supplies within reach.

And just some general happiness: I am so happy there is finally a pattern company that only has menswear. I’ve printed out my Strathcona Henley pattern and will be experimenting on my partner very soon (though he doesn’t know it yet)… He’s less of an outdoorsey type, so the first collection is more suited for him than the upcoming one.

I am actually thinking of designing a women’s pattern line based on mixing and matching bodices and skirts to create the dress you want. If you have a few minutes to fill in a short survey about it, I would really appreciate it.

Jana said:

My dream pattern? Something that looks like the second backpack (#12), with a separate (padded!) compartment for a laptop, and possibly another compartment and a few smaller pockets for storing things you don’t want to lose in the very depths of the main compartment. I’ve been looking for a useful, pretty adult backpack pattern all over the place and haven’t been able to find anything I liked! It depresses me!
(And hey, men’s patterns that I can sew for myself are the best! I almost adjusted the Jedediahs for myself, by the way. Ha! I really enjoyed the sew-along and have since followed the posts again for a pair of pants for myself, with self-drafted pattern pieces.)
Cargo pants would also be great! I’ve been thinking about making a pair of pants for my brother, but he would refuse to wear anything like the Jedediahs. I love them and so does my boyfriend, but my dear brother needs five million pockets on his trousers for storing all of his “essentials” (keys, phone, wallet, a pouch with a set of dice, a pocket knife, the 1000-page book he is currently reading, I have no idea what else). I think that, like runningcuzican’s husband, he prefers patch pockets in the back, but definitely cargo pockets on the legs. (They would be optional anyway, you could always leave them off if the guy you’re sewing for doesn’t like them!) And definitely not too slim or dressy.
And you guys are awesome in any case! Yay for decent menswear patterns!

Andrea said:

Backpacks! Love that idea. I’d buy a backpack pattern for my boyf. The rest aren’t really his style, but outdoor wear has been trendy for awhile, even for people who aren’t hardcore hikers, so I think it’d do well for you guys.

Sylvie said:

My husband is going to love this collection!
I especially love the pants and the jacket.
I can’t wait to see what come next.

Brian S said:

Excellent ! If you haven’t already you should have a look at the work of Nigel Cabourn. Also it would be great if you could keep us gents who are in the 5’ 6" range in mind. This size would also fit quite a few women as well I think. BTW I do have all of your patterns so far. Thanks

runningcuzican said:

Great ideas! How about the alpine pant by mountain khaki? My husband loves that brand as well as filson.Artcteryx does a great job with fit for men in our household too.. In regards to flaps on back pockets, I think they are annoying-of course just my opinion.. They rarely lay right without pressing. My husband prefers pants without cargo pockets, they add bulk and again with the flaps. My husband prefers patch pockets in back and these are kind of hard to find in a work/outdoor pant.

deadlycraft said:

I love the second coat and cargo pants / shorts is great too! What about a hat of some kind? And also thermals? I know they aren’t super exciting but you could make it a thermals / pyjamas pattern so it was more useful?

Katrina said:

This is a great idea! So far I love all your patterns, though I haven’t had the opportunity to try any of them out yet.

For this collection, I would make sure you include more of a modern bootcut (rather than tapered leg) cargo pant. Maybe with optional or customized pocket options. Most of the outdoors men I know want freedom of movement as another comment said. Also it would be more practical to wear with hiking or work boots. You could also include a shorts pattern, I see guys of all ages wearing cargo short year round here!

Fleece jackets and classic flannel shirts are also very popular for outdoor activities, or even every day, here in Washington. And not sure how hard a glove pattern would be, but it’s a thought (:

I also suggest including a vest or jacket with a large collar to cover the ears and nose in cold whether, but won’t fall in the eyes like a hood does (not something you want happening while hunting deer)

Vero Et said:

love a nice button down with rolled sleeves

Jana said:

Oh yes, let’s hear it for the “boyfriend” versions! (:

Shannon said:

Oh, wow, I can’t wait — I love that movie and this aesthetic. I would buy… everything in that collection for my guy? And then I’d make “boyfriend” versions for myself!

dilemmax said:

Also maybe optional convertible pieces for jackets and pants to become vests and shorts.

I think versatibility will make your patterns a winner :)

dilemmax said:

How about a fitted raglan knit shirt with a one piece sleeve which you could up a few size to make a sweater? It’s so hard to find a pattern for that. Maybe a slim fitting hoodie but with a creative twist like an asymmetrical front closure and/or thumb holes on the sleeves?

Puffer/quilted jackets?

Amber said:

how about some kind of hoodie, too? My husband always includes a hoodie when we go camping. His is super ratty; definitely needs a new (homemade) one. Also I love all the jacket options. The hood with lower face protection is particularly useful, maybe with a collar option like the middle one so you could sew a version without the hood as well. And definitely looser on the pants fit. He likes looser pants for hiking/camping. Oh, I’m excited about this collection!

Joe said:

A couple classic, outdoors-y pieces I would like to see are the quilted (or just lined) shirt jacket and ghurka shorts (see The site “Abandoned Republic” is another great source for inspiration on this topic (

Huff said:

This is another look that would fit right into my husband’s wardrobe. The coats are fantastic, especially that first one at the beginning of the post. I’d love a button down shirt with interesting details, pockets, yoke, patches, rolled up sleeves.

A label we love is Huffer (not just because we share a name!) They’re a New Zealand label with fantastic modern outdoors style. Their last winter collection was right up thus alley.

Tasha and Amy said:

I love 8, 10, and 12. I would also love to see some pants that aren’t so slim fitting. My husband isn’t so “hip” – he’s just a normal guy who doesn’t like his pants too tight! That would be better for my hiking dad, too. And a hoodie sweatshirt would be awesome and fit into this line I think :)

Also – I frickin love that you do patterns for men – there are way too few of those!!!


dpcoffin said:

Ooo, thanks for the wonderful scottadams link; those catalogs were such fun to get in the mail… I love ghurkas, too, and there’s a great pattern available for them from Folkwear, #130 (, I’ve made them in linen and denim (both long pants), and wore them to shreds…

And totally yes on this Alpine collection (that North Face flick was incredible…)!

prolificprojectstarter said:

Coat number 2 is fantastic! My husband was eyeing up a tweed waistcoat (vest) in White Stuff recently, do you have that shop in the States? I can’t find the exact one but they have similar here He liked that the back was in the same fabric as the front, as he wants to wear it over a shirt and not under a jacket. I think it was like the moleskin one they’re showing, with 3 welt pockets.
I agree that slim fit cargo pants are a bit pointless. The Jebediah pants are slim fit, a cargo style would bebetter a bit baggier.

dilemmax said:

Seconded! :)

Joanne said:

Thanks a lot! I am not sure what to call it yet actually. I will let you know when I do.

ThreadTheory said:

Hi Joanne,
Thanks for your great suggestions! I like the idea of a quilted vest. I took your survey and think you have an excellent idea in the works, good luck with it! Do you have a name planned for your pattern collection? I’d like to keep my eye out for it!

Alexandra said:

The idea for this collection is BRILLIANT! This is exactly the type of thing that my boyfriend wears, and I’d be only too happy to make him items from this kind of pattern collection.

Another brand that I often take inspiration from (and then just make items similar, because I can rarely afford the real thing) is Fat Face – they’re all about ‘active lifestyle’ clothing, but it generally looks really good too.

L.A. said:

I second this!! I would definitely buy a backpack pattern that features a padded compartment for a laptop and a second smaller compartment for keys, etc. I would hope it would have padded straps as well.

My husband goes to the Chinese countryside for work a lot and there’s no way he can carry an attache or briefcase without being overdressed. A backpack is so essential and I would rather make one than buy!

Quarterly Report #2 | Thread Theory said:

[…] display of the Alpine Collection inspiration and a call for pattern ideas.  I was happily overwhelmed by your response to this post and enjoyed […]

ThreadTheory said:

Thanks for adding in your say :) I’m liking the raglan shirt idea too! I will certainly keep in mind for the near future.

Easily Amewsed said:

I’m with Dilemax on the raglan shirt idea. It’d be AWESOME to have a slim fit one and some extra instruction on getting the right shoulder fit. A hoodie with a unique twist would also be great. My son isn’t an outdoorsman, but working on a construction site has him outside most of the time. He’s tall and slim so finding him anything in RTW with long enough arms isn’t easy. I only recently found these patterns after they were mentioned on a forum. Nice to see more menswear.

Sandra (Sewist-Stitch) said:

I really like your ideas for the Alpine collection. I’ve been looking for a pattern for idea 8 but to no real avail. I think idea 8 and 10 could be the same pattern but just with a zip variation. Looking forward to your progress with this.

Quarterly Report #3 | Thread Theory said:

[…] it is currently in the mail to stockists.  It is the very first pattern to be part of our Alpine Collection which will consist of “Adventure Menswear”: clothing that is designed to be rugged and […]

ThreadTheory said:

Hi Paul,
We will certainly keep that design in mind! It isn’t currently in the works but is right up there on our list of future patterns.
Happy sewing!

Paul said:

I would be delighted if you could produce a pattern for Filson style Cruiser Jacket, I have been searching for ever for just such a pattern!

Best wishes in your fabulous venture

Paul in the UK

ThreadTheory said:

Thanks for your comment :) I will add you to our ongoing tally for most popular future patterns!

Lisette said:

I would love if you designed some pants similar to Carhartt’s! My boyfriend is a carpenter and loves the outdoors (especially in winter) so this collection would be a must-purchase for us. And I love Filson…I would love to make bags like theirs!

Steve said:

Just found your site looking for a Filson style men’s vest pattern. Would love to have been able to buy it, the Pendelton Woolen Mills sale is just around the corner :) and I would love to make a vest.

ThreadTheory said:

I’m glad you’re excited about menswear sewing! Thanks for letting us know which ideas you are interested in :). It really helps to know what styles sewists are looking for as we plan future patterns!

Lana Lang said:

I love your ideas. I really want #4 and 5. This is so nice to find a place for patterns for men. My brother loves the stuff I make, but he would like the more fashion forward styles. I’ll keep watching. Thank you for inspiring me again. Lana

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[…] 24 hours.  I can’t wait to see the gorgeous coats and bags you make with it!  Remember the oilcloth coat that is the inspiration behind our Alpine Collection?  You can bet I’ll be making one of […]

ThreadTheory said:

Darn! We don’t have a vest ready for you yet! Thanks for reminding me about this design though – it would be an excellent one to add to the pattern collection. In the meantime, BurdaStyle has a few men’s vest patterns which could be a base for your design:
I hope this helps!
Happy sewing :)

Melissa Aitken Rodgers said:

I would love a pattern for something like the Filson vest. The only problem is that I’m starting to sew it this week…

Thomas said:

That would be awesome, please add this Pattern.
I’m from germany and it costs huge sums to deliver this Jacket to me.

Chris said:

How about a pattern for the Filson Cruiser jacket? It would be so wonderful to be able to make it for my brothers as we all remember our father wearing one while he cruised timber!

ThreadTheory said:

Hi Steve,

I’m glad you found our site! We have lots of patterns in the works at the moment and are developing as fast as we can! Sorry we won’t have a vest pattern ready for you and the Pendelton Woolen Mills sale this year.

Happy sewing!

ThreadTheory said:

Thanks for your suggestion – we have plans for a similar sort of coat in the future but I hadn’t considered adding the double layered cape. I just looked up the Filson version of this garment and I think this would be an excellent design variation to the jacket. Thanks for pointing it out!

Isaiah Williams said:

Need a pattern for heavy wool double caped mackinaw with full rear pocket and double sleeves. Similar to the pioneer brand marks that are no longer sold.

Isaiah williams said:

Looking for a pattern for the heavy mackinaw wool coat with double cape front and back. Lower back is also double forming large pocket. Pioneer wear, Filson, wool rich, extra used to make and sell them among others but they are hard to find and not many choices anymore. I really like my pioneer brand mackinaw. It’s 24-30 oz ( really heavy and warm).

Robin said:

Definitely #4 & 5. My husband has been looking for a vest but doesn’t want to pay the big bucks for it!

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