I have the first selection of your Finlayson Sweaters to parade today!  I have really been enjoying the attention to detail that you have all been applying to your sweater sewing endeavors - such gorgeous neckline facings!  Such lovely cross-over collars!  Such wonderful contrast fabrics! Finlayson Collage 2Clo's | Clo's | I'm Not Tina Wheeze

Finlayson Collage 1I'm Not Tina Wheeze | Ann Kin (submitted by email) | EllenSand | Ms. Laing

I'll be showing you more sweaters as they are entered by email, comment on the blog, or on Twitter and Instagram (#finlaysonsweater).  Have a lovely weekend!

September 19, 2014 — 33363409


Anonymous said:

These look great!!!

kristonlion said:

these are so cute! I want one!

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