Menswear Patterns-5 We now carry menswear sewing patterns from other indie designers!  While I continue to work on future pattern releases I thought you might like an introduction to some other designs.  As a result, we now have 20 menswear patterns for you to choose from in our shop! Merchant & Mills, Colette Patterns and Hot Patterns are all indie pattern companies who focus on women's garments but have a strong selection of menswear too.  Their men's patterns each offer something different from what we are already designing in the Thread Theory studio.  Here are the reasons I've added them to our shop:

Merchant & Mills

Menswear Patterns-3 I love the utilitarian aesthetic achieved by this British haberdashery!  We already stock many of their sewing tools and notions.  Their menswear pattern designs were a no-brainer to add to our shop.  The fit and style is very different from our slim fit with an athletic/youthful focus.  These easy fittings designs are boxy and relaxed - suited to the stockier figure more typical of middle age or older gentlemen.  Their sleeves allow for muscular arms and their shirt hem length is on the shorter side as commonly found in vintage menswear - both these features add to the classic work wear aesthetic of this collection.  Think 1950s American work wear! My favorite style from this collections is The Tee - this is the ideal project for beginner sewists who prefer to start with a menswear garment.  What makes it so easy to sew?  This tee is sewn in a woven fabric! While Merchant & Mills patterns might be very familiar to you already, I am thrilled to have these as the new guys in our shop - Canadian sewists can now enjoy these patterns without the worry of duty or costly shipping charges!

Colette Patterns

Menswear Patterns-4 When Colette Patterns released the Walden Collection some time ago I was excited to see menswear becoming a focus for more indie pattern companies!  This mini collection of three patterns all feature a great west coast aesthetic that I admire. While this collection is marketed towards men/male sewers, two of the three patterns are actually unisex.  This makes them a great investment if you are a female sewist hoping to sew for herself and for a male or two! I have the Cooper Bag on my 'To Sew' list because I would love a pair of oilcloth panniers for my bicycle. I am pleased to have these menswear items in our shop because none of the designs come close to overlapping with our own patterns while they still closely match the style we like so much.  You might pause to think - but doesn't the Negroni Shirt compete with the Fairfield Button-up?  Nope!  When I designed the Fairfield I purposely selected design features that differed from those included on the Negroni.  Can you count how many differences there are?  

Hot Patterns

Menswear Patterns-2 This indie pattern company has been around for many years (since well before the 'indie pattern boom') and offers a staggering range of women's designs.  I had run across mention of their women's patterns many times in the blogosphere but one day, about a year ago, somehow finally discovered that they design menswear patterns too! I've selected my four favorites to add to our shop.  All of these garments are drafted for a very different fit model than ours - one that you have, time and time again, asked us to pattern draft for!  We intend to maintain our focus on athletic figures, but, you're not out of luck: These 'Mr. HP' patterns, much like the Merchant & Mills designs, are designed for average to stocky figures who prefer to dress loosely and conservatively.  While I might choose Thread Theory patterns when sewing for Matt, I would be inclined to choose a Hot Patterns top to better suit my Dad or Granddad.  The styles are very classic and appealing though so you might like to tweak the fit for all manner of body types! I am torn between two favorite designs from this collection - the Workshirt (check out those hem gussets and the extended collar tab!) and the Hemmingway Windcheater.  Back when I first discussed my plans for an Alpine Collection, I included a photo of an oilcloth jacket very similar in design to this pattern.  Well, I'm glad I found Hot Patterns before embarking on this garment design, as this Windcheater fits the bill perfectly!  (Don't worry I still have many patterns planned to add to the Alpine Collection over the coming years). I have plans to sew a couple of these jackets (dream big!) - one in high tech waterproof and windproof material and light weight hardware for hiking and one in tin cloth and brass hardware in that classic style that we all love so much. Menswear Patterns I hope these patterns inspire you to sew more menswear too!  Find them all in the pattern section of our shop.


Wednesday Weekly #49 | Helen's Closet

Wednesday Weekly #49 | Helen's Closet said:

[…] Thread Theory has expanded their shop to include menswear patterns from other designers. […]


Bethanie said:

Wow! Awesome! I love how you phrased the rationale for the Merchant & Mills patterns: “suited to the stockier figure more typical of middle age or older gentlemen”. So diplomatic! :) And so exciting because that’s my guy! :D (And me, if we’re being honest…) I also love to see indie pattern people supporting each other. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!


MadebyMeg said:

Very cool!


ThreadTheory said:

I think our Fairfield Button-up Shirt pattern could be what you are looking for (if you are looking for a button-up shirt, that is)! It features a darted version for a very modern and slim fit: Or are you looking for something different than this? I would love to point you in the right direction!

Sewing for Cat People

Sewing for Cat People said:

Oh it’s perfect! I must have missed your second line drawing, because it’s exactly what I had in my head.
Thank you so much, I’ll be adding it to my sewing list now!

Sewing for Cat People

Sewing for Cat People said:

It’s great to see a round up of some of the patterns avaliable to men.
I do have a question though, I’ve been thinking of sewing a shirt for someone, but they favour slim fitted shirts, something I haven’t seen any pattern for. Do you know of a pattern or a tutorial/adjustment to make this look?
Thanks so much!

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