Jutland Sew Along If you would like some help sewing your Jutland Pants, not to worry - help is on its way!  Join us on the blog starting December 1st for a week of back to back video and photo posts.  This sew-along will be a little different from our normal format.  Instead of posting every few days at what we hope is the pace that you might be sewing, we will be posting a new post once a day for one week.  This way you can refer back to them at whatever pace you desire.  Each post will include a 'Video Diary' of my sewing process along with the most important stills from the video posted as photos for you to examine. Since we already created a thorough step-by-step photographed sew-along that teaches you how to sew the Jedediah Pants, this new sew-along will instead assume a base level of knowledge (never fear, if you don't have that pants sewing knowledge, simply refer to the Jedediah Pants sew-along as the main construction process for both pants is very similar).  The Jutland Pants sew-along will delve beyond the basic instructions and will focus on making the pattern your own.  We'll will discuss fitting your pants, we will take a look at how to add a gusset to this pattern (perfect for rock-climbing and other agility based activities), we will add removable knee pads to our pants, we'll create custom pockets suited to our needs, and we will wax our pants to create a water resistant pair of canvas trousers. Are there any other elements you would like to see included in this sew-along?  Send in your requests and we will get working on them!
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Hanne said:

Great news. Now I can start on my boyfriends Christmas present already. I’m very excited to find out about the extra pockets since they are key for his work environment. I’m looking forward to the sew-along!

ailsa said:

december 1 is the first day of summer here in the southern hemisphere so i’ll be making my fella’s into shorts. any tips?

Sharon said:

Yes like aliss, my husbands will be short but will need all the pockets for his work environment. So happy to hear about “help with fitting” as I can myself but have never tried to fit hubby :)

thimblenest said:

Super excited about this one—especially the custom pockets, removable knee pads, and wax resistant finish; you’ve thought of everything!

Duncan A MacLeod said:

Already getting started on a pair! Will have to send some pics along the way – a great pattern, really glad to have found your site!

Janey Millar said:

I showed the Jutland trousers to hubs and he loved them, so now I need to follow through and actually make them, yikes! Hurrah for a sewalong!
Will there be another discount ahead of the start date as I foolishly missed the launch one!

Thx heaps, I’m looking forward to this!

ltinuviel said:

Thank you :-) I was hoping for sewalong :-)

ThreadTheory said:

:D Great! I’m glad you’re looking forward to the sew-along!

ThreadTheory said:

Wow, you’re quick! I’m glad you’re enjoying the pattern so far :) I look forward to seeing how your pants turn out!

ThreadTheory said:

I’m glad you’re looking forward to the sew-along. We hadn’t planned to do another discount so soon for these pants but we will keep the idea in mind and consider it!

ThreadTheory said:

Are there any particular things your husband likes to keep in his pockets? Or particular pocket shapes he would like added to his pants? I can add them into the sew-along :)

ThreadTheory said:

That’s great! The Jutlands don’t have a tapered leg so it is extremely easy to make them into shorts. Simply cut off the pattern at the desired length (perhaps measure the inseam of his favorite shorts and then add a hem allowance). And that’s it – sew them as instructed in our instruction booklet :). Of course, if you would like to add the cargo pockets, make sure that your new shortened hemline doesn’t interfere with the pocket placement. I’ll create a visual tutorial during the sew-along but hopefully this will be enough info to get you started if you are itching to sew in the meantime :).

ThreadTheory said:

I look forward to having you sew along with us!

Krista said:

I am interested to follow along—my husband is a 33 waist and it is challenging finding pants that he likes AND that also fit well!

ThreadTheory said:

Wow, great job! Good luck this evening and on your inseams :).

Duncan A MacLeod said:

Almost there…doing last bit of stitching on the cargo pockets this evening, then tackling the inseam!

ThreadTheory said:

Great! I’ll include a visual tutorial for shortening the cargo pocket variation :). And yes – I hope you will find the fitting information useful!

Anonymous said:

Well, that’s very kind feedback! It was a fun project and I learned a ton….thanks for the very great pattern and instructions!

ThreadTheory said:

They turned out great! Thanks for sharing the link :) I love your contrast top stitching with your matching scarf!

Duncan A MacLeod said:

Ok, they are done – you can check out some pics at www.dmacleodsmusings.blogspot.com. Jedediahs are next!

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