untitled-19 Ready to start sewing?  We will be releasing paper versions of the Finlayson Sweater, Jutland Pants and Camas Blouse on Wednesday, May 20th!  That's only 5 days away! To feed your creative energy in the meantime, here are a selection of your fabulous makes with these three patterns.  Some are from when we first released the PDF versions of these patterns and some are brand new.  Enjoy!

Camas Blouse

[gallery type="columns" ids="5705,5704,5703,5702,5701,5700,5699"] 1. Swing and Sew: I love the shorter length and wine colored viscose! 2. Sewing in the Shade: A beautiful use of black as contrast with this rich print. 3. Miss Crayola Creepy: As always, I love her style! 4. Jolies Bobines: I've never seen such a fluid looking sequin fabric - very stunning. 5. Imagine Gnats featuring A Happy Stitch: Great tutorial!  The Camas could be made into everything from a plaid tunic over leggings to the cutest linen nightgown. 6.  Girls In the Garden: A very flattering Camas complete with a blog post detailing the fit changes. 7. I Bet You Can Make That: Love the dark blue fabric choice - very elegant and simple.

Finlayson Sweater

[gallery type="columns" ids="5711,5712,5714,5715,5713"] 1.  L' Énervée de la Machine à Coudre: Beautiful hood lining! 2. The Japanese Pattern Challenge: A stunning fabric choice and a great use for a single toggle or button (since I always seem to be left with one extra after coat projects). 3. Suzie Creates: The Renfrew from Sewaholic meets the Finlayson to create a flattering fitted ladies Finlayson Sweater! 4. Thornberry: Great choice of stripes :). 5. Or Sew It Seams: A gorgeous Finlayson featuring a lush quilted hood lining!

Jutland Pants

[gallery type="columns" ids="5718,5717,5716"] 1, 2 and 3. Thimblenest: Hard wearing jeans for a hard working husband!   Inspired?  See you on Wednesday!  
May 15, 2015 — 33363409


ThreadTheory said:

No problem! I hope he has gotten lots of wear out of them!

ThreadTheory said:

Yes you do! Our dog has recently stopped chewing things quite as much as he used to – he used to be a very talented shoe destroyer! I hope your dog is getting past that stage now too :).

tworandomwords said:

Oh man I need to get on to making another Camas blouse (and not let it get eaten by the dog….)!

thimblenest said:

Thanks for sharing my husband’s Jutlands!

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