MorgansFinlaysons-2 Here are the finished Finlayson Sweaters that I made during our sew-along!  I am very pleased with how they turned out and I hope that you are feeling the same way about your sweaters.MorgansFinlaysons-4 I think my favorite one is the gray hoodie because the ponte de roma knit I used is so deliciously soft and smooth. MorgansFinlaysons-8 The velvet touches make it just that much more sumptuous - I'm not normally a hoodie-wearing person but I think I can approve of this one since it doesn't leave me feeling the least bit sloppy or slouchy when I wear it! MorgansFinlaysons-12 My shawl collar version is in my favorite colour of burgundy/purple.MorgansFinlaysons-11 It is made from a poly blend which seems to dry quite quickly and also provides a fair amount of warmth.  It isn't as soft and cozy but I think it's hard wearing and quick drying properties will make it very useful for camping.MorgansFinlaysons-10 I have been collecting your Finlayson Sew-Along contest entries and will parade some of my favorites on the blog along with the winners of our Finlayson Competition on Oct. 1st.  So, if you are considering sewing a Finlayson Sweater, this might just be the perfect opportunity to get going on it :).  By submitting a photo of your Finlayson to our our contest, you will have the chance to win a shopping spree at one of four of my favorite online fabric shops! logos As I've mentioned over the last few weeks (but it is worth repeating), simply email us (, comment on the blog, or post on Instagram or Twitter using #finlaysonsweater to be entered to win! Sewtionary launch party And, now to finish off this blog post, I have a winner to announce for the Sewtionary give-away!  I am pleased to announce that Rebecca will be receiving a lovely spiral-bound Sewtionary in the mail :)  Her comment was randomly chosen using a random number generator.  Here is what she wrote:
An email is waiting in your inbox with all the details, Rebecca! Thank you to the well over 100 people who commented on my blog post about Tasia's Sewtionary.  It was lovely to hear how excited you are about her book and there were some very heartwarming comments.  Some people would like the Sewtionary to help them teach their daughters how to sew while others would love to add Tasia's book to their collection because her patterns have changed their lives and they way they think about clothing. After reading and learning from it over the last few weeks, I don't hesitate to tell you that, even though you didn't win the book this time, it is certainly worth putting it on your Christmas or birthday wishlists - or even better, treating yourselves by buying a signed copy from the Sewaholic store right away!  I hope Tasia's book will help many of you become more confident with your ability to sew, with the clothing you wear, and with your ability to teach others how to sew!



ThreadTheory said:

Your Finlayson looks wonderful and suits your husband very well! I love the tree ribbon and that you took the time and effort to line it :). I’ll add you to the contest entries as the contest closes tomorrow so you’re just in time!


ThreadTheory said:

Thank you :)


ThreadTheory said:

Thanks! After hiking in my grey Finlayson over the last two days, I don’t really know how I lived without it! It kept me really nice and warm and had enough room underneath to include a couple other layers to protect from the wind. Perfect for all manner of active pursuits and also just for lounging around at home :)


ThreadTheory said:

I love how your Finlayson turned out! The tomato red is great and I think it will be a really useful transition garment in the fall and spring :)


ThreadTheory said:

You certainly should! I feel a lot less sloppy and slouchy walking around in a hoodie that fits me rather then schlepping around in Matt’s big ones!

Becca Porter

Becca Porter said:

Better late than never, here is my Finlayson Sweater!

Love your lady Finlaysons by the way :)


jennlaing said:

I love the look of the fabric you chose for your maroon sweater, especially in the close-ups during the sew along. I am such a sucker for classic fleece and that wine colour.

Here is my submission for the sew along (and also the first knit item I’ve ever sewn!):

Natalie from Sewoutnumbered

Natalie from Sewoutnumbered said:

Hmmmm…I’m forever stealing my husband’s hoodies…perhaps I should make one for myself?! haha :)


ThreadTheory said:

Have fun sewing up your Newcastle! I love the sweater that you bought and just blogged about – I can’t wait to see how the Newcastle looks with toggles!


ThreadTheory said:

I’m glad you like them :) I’ve definitely been wearing the grey sweater more than the burgundy one – it’s sooo soft and cozy!


ThreadTheory said:

If you’re having trouble finding fabric, be sure to check out French Terry and Ponte de Roma – I’ve found these to be very common at most fabric stores and they will work perfectly for the Finlayson (though whether you can find the color you prefer is another matter…it always seems like there is too much baby blue at my fabric store and not much in the way of manly colours!)


Rebecca said:

Thanks so much! I’m looking forward to having the book in my sewing library.


sewingrosalie said:

I love this sweater and your grey version with hoodie just looks so comfy and yet cool! A new project to add to my list of sewing projects!

Helen Cloke

Helen Cloke said:

I’ve already got plans to make a Findlayson for both my husband and brother in law but now you’ve convinced me that I need one too. Pronto! Your ones look really great. I might not get one done in time for the competition though due to lack of access to appropriate fabric :(


misscrayolacreepy said:

Is it weird to say that a hoodie is beautiful? Because yours are!

Lightning McStitch

Lightning McStitch said:

They both look great. I agree that you’re making the hoodie look like a legit wardrobe must have.

Rochelle New

Rochelle New said:

Your sweaters turned out awesome!! I love how all your patterns look great on both men and women. I’ve had the Newcastle Cardigan on my list for ages (finally going to get it this season, I swear) but now I want to add this one to the list too! Love it.

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