This is just a quick note to let you know that I will be posting the next sew-along update tomorrow rather than today!  When I created the sew-along schedule I forgot that today (Monday, Feb. 8th) is Family Day in British Columbia, Canada!  It is a relatively new holiday so it catches me off guard every time.  My family invited me to go skiing for the day - an offer I could not refuse!  I decided to put work aside since family always comes first :).  Thanks for your patience!  The next sew along post will be launched on the blog by the end of the day tomorrow.



RainDayPerson said:

The good news is that Ontario’s Family Day is next week – so I will be off and not waiting for your post :) (But I AM anxiously awaiting your post, I forged ahead and made myself stop out of curiosity). All my BC friends were skiing yesterday – I hope your day was as beautiful as theirs!


Liz said:

Enjoy the snow!


Jessica said:


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