sew along poster-01Drumroll please..... And the winner of our Comox Trunks Sew-Along Contest is: Catrinmanel of I'd Rather Sew! Congratulations!  I'll be sending her our Comox Trunks prize pack straight away :) I'd rather sew... Her entry was chosen at random by gathering all entries (both through email and through comments on the sew-along posts), using a random number generator, and then counting down the list of entries.  People who submitted multiple pairs of Comox Trunks were only counted once.  Here's proof of the randomness in case you need it! :P: random number I wish I could have given a prize to everyone as Matt and I were really pleased with how many entries there were and how enthusiastic you all were about the contest!  Now, for your viewing pleasure, here is a parade of the Comox Trunks you submitted!  The numbers correspond to links provided in a list at the bottom: Parade-graphics-1 Parade-graphics-2 Parade-graphics-3 Parade-graphics-4 Parade-graphics-5 Parade-graphics-6 Parade-graphics-7 Parade-graphics-8
  1. No More Heroes Anymore
  2. Sakiko Jones
  3. Mrs. Toad Sews
  4. Kaisa (sent entry through email)
  5. Mazzy Girl
  6. Dressing the Role
  7. Artisinal Expatriate
  8. Genevieve (sent entry through email)
  9. Marilyn Scott
  10. Deadlycraft
  11. Sew & Illustrate
  12. Drawing by Sew & Illustrate
  13. Renata (sent entry through email)
  14. Nicole at Home
  15. Lena
  16. Lena
  17. TwoRandomWords
  18. Cookin’ & Craftin’
  19. TwoRandomWords
  20. Nothing New Treasures
  21. Mazzy Girl
  22. Mazzy Girl
  23. I’d Rather Sew…
  24. Steven (sent entry through email)
  25. Steven (sent entry through email)
  26. Steven (sent entry through email)
  There were several other entries via flickr, Twitter and Instagram which included protected photos (they couldn't be saved and shared directly on this blog).  Even though I can't share these photos with you in this post, these trunks are totally worth checking out!  Follow these links to have a look:
  1. Fabri'cate
  2. Evergreen Living
  3. SoSewGirl
  4. susiemcdougs
  5. FennaB
  6. frau_fleur
  7. dan_grigg
  Thank you, everyone, for being so enthusiastic about this pattern!  It has been really exciting to watch peoples entries pile in over the last few weeks.  I've especially enjoyed being surprised by people's creativity - whether it be expressed through pretty unique modelling techniques or through pattern manipulation or fabric choice.  I hope to see lots more Comox Trunks in the future!  Even though the contest is over, I'd still love to see what you've sewn, so send us an email ( or post a link in the comments!  
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ThreadTheory said:

Oh good, I’m glad he’s wanting more :). Congratulations on winning! Can you send me your shipping address via email ( I’ll send you your prize first thing tomorrow – exciting!

catrinmanel said:

Thank you so much! Dead excited to go and make more now… And my husband (who was very skeptical about my trunk making) has told me he wants another pair!!

catrinmanel said:

Reblogged this on I'd rather sew… and commented:
WOW! I won the Comox giveaway! So excited! I cam see more underpants in my future (IYKWIM!)

Marie Seattle said:

Congrats Catrinmanel :) !!! And what an amazing trunks parade ;) !!!

marilyn said:

Congratulations catrinmanel! Loved seeing all the different versions, and will be making many many more using this inspiration.

catrinmanel said:

Will do. Thanks

ThreadTheory said:

Haha I love your hubby’s comment about Canadian men being “S-shaped” – Matt and I had a good giggle over that :D. I like the alteration that you made to the front to suit your husband!

Prolificprojectstarter said:

Made another couple of pairs this week. This pattern is great for using up left over bits of knit fabric or refashioning once loved t shirts …

R said:

Finally got round to making a pair, just, having meant to join in the sew a long at the time.

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