You guys are sewers (or soon will be!) so perhaps the idea of having a direct relationship with the objects in your life is familiar. Or maybe it is but you haven't put much thought into it. Either way, it's something I am interested in exploring and always have been. I've rarely been a big shopper, but I definitely am a bit of a collector. I thought it could be an interesting topic to discuss over the next few months (not exclusively of course!) hollyhock In the spring I (Nicole) am going to be teaching a five day retreat/workshop at the incredible summer camp for grown ups, Hollyhock (click on the link to see 2015, and watch the short video about Hollyhock!). It's on a secluded little island, ocean front and surrounded by woods. The food is incredible, the views spectacular and the presenters are phenomenal (wink wink). I went on a meditation retreat last summer, and I swear if I didn't have a family I probably would have never left! :) The reason I mention it in this post is because A) They just posted the line up for 2015 last week! and B) Because a major theme of the week will be reconnecting with the objects in our lives. We will be exploring what it means to put mindfulness and effort into an object, and talking about what kind of difference it makes compared to spending money on a similar object. We will also explore meditation and making. Bringing awareness to each. little. stitch. Did I mention there will be sewing? Oh, so much sewing. So let me ask you: how has sewing changed your relationship with the objects in your lives? How do you feel about buying clothes, once you started making them?



Karen said:

Seriously? “Reconnecting with the objects in our lives”? How has sewing changed my relationship with the objects in my life? Human relationships mean more to me than any objects and I want to focus on the people I am sewing for, not the object I am sewing. I can have a relationship with a person, but I can not have a relationship with an object.

Linda of Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

Linda of Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!! said:

I have been sewing since junior high – not always successfully but that hasn’t changed how I feel. Since then I have always thought, when shopping. “I could make that better and for less money!” It might not always be the case that it is sewn better by me, but I am still proud of what I can do and even failures can teach me how to do better. The cost might not always be less, but the enjoyment in doing it myself is more! Needless to say I don’t buy much for myself and wish I could sew myself up some boots, running shoes or shoes! Oh yes, and socks too, I am a terrible knitter!

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