MinoruJacket-2 I finished my Minoru!  I posted in-progress photos a while ago and today I have the final photo shoot with Luki as my assistant.MinoruJacket-14 I made a number of small changes to the pattern to suit my fabric choice and my preferences.  First, I attached the hood to the base of the collar instead of adding it as a 'hidden hood' within the collar.  This is because I made this jacket as a rain jacket with waterproof fabric so I figured, any time I was wearing this jacket, I would likely be needing the hood!  No need to hide it :). MinoruJacket-13 I shortened the collar considerably and still find it sufficiently cozy.  I lined the collar with flannel which really makes it feel nice against my skin.  I had intended to add a zipper shield with a flannel lining as well but forgot to sew it in...which is too bad because this fabric didn't handle stitch-ripping very well (the holes from the needle don't really disappear).  It would have been a nice addition to the coat because, without the shield, the cold zipper rests against my chin when the coat is closed! You can see I had a bit of trouble dealing with the fabric - especially along the front zipper plackets.  They dragged and shifted no matter how careful I tried to be (I used LOADS of pins).  When I edited these photos I had to adjust the shadows and highlights considerably so you could see the seamlines in the jacket...I think this made the ripples on the plackets more obvious than they look in real life (I hope!). MinoruJacket-9 I graded between sizes at the hips so that the jacket doesn't flare out quite as much at the hips.  I also shortened the hem slightly and added inseam pockets to store treats and poop bags for Luki :P. The biggest change I made to the construction process is that I skipped the lining (everywhere except the sleeves which I lined with slippery mesh).  While I love lined jackets, it seemed a shame to line this jacket because my fabric is really unique - it has a waterproof exterior and a fleece interior which is fused together.  I didn't want to cover up the cozy fleece! MinoruJacket-6 I love the gathering included in this design, especially at the waist - it's really flattering!  I'm happy with the fit too - it is loose enough that I can layer a sweater and even another jacket underneath it for added warmth (since I finished my 'fall jacket' well after the first chilly frost!).  At the same time, the sleeves look pretty slim and I don't feel overly bundled when I wear this jacket. MinoruJacket-19 Well, I think it's safe to categorize this Minoru Jacket as a win!  I'm heading to Vancouver to hang out with the actual designer (Tasia of Sewaholic) tomorrow - I think I'll be a little cheesy and wear the jacket for the trip  :P.



ThreadTheory said:

I didn’t tape the seams on this one but I think I will for more elaborate versions that I make in the future. This one was a bit of a test version to iron out the details and next time I will put more effort into making a super waterproof jacket (including a zipper guard to keep out more wind and rain). Thanks for the great idea!


ThreadTheory said:

I love gathering and even so I wasn’t sure about all the gathering under the collar – I hardly find it noticeable though because the hood sits over it. I kind of like how softly this fabric gathers too. I’m not sure I would like the effect as much in something cotton based that gathered tightly.

Linda of Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

Linda of Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!! said:

I have seen that pattern on her website. I will have to take another look at it. You did a really nice job of it!


ThreadTheory said:

I got this fabric at my local Fabricland. I haven’t seen anything similar in online but wonder if you might be able to find something in stores that specialize in outdoor fabrics (such as Seattle Fabrics).


ThreadTheory said:

It was a pretty easy project :) The gathers and elastic make it easy to fit while the raglan sleeves make it simple to sew!


ThreadTheory said:

My fabric cut smoothly and doesn’t fray at all so I simply trimmed seam allowances and topstitched them in place but if you might want to consider binding all your seams or attempting flat fell seams. Also, I lined just the sleeves because I wanted them to be slippery enough to take on and off over bulky sweaters. I finished the collar seam allowances by covering them with satin ribbon so that the jacket looks nice on the hanger (a lot of seams merge in this area). Good luck with your jacket!


Tiffany said:

Looks awesome! Where did you get your fabric?

Natalie from Sewoutnumbered

Natalie from Sewoutnumbered said:

Wow this is awesome!! I don’t know why I find sewing a jacket like this so daunting. I sewed up a gorgeous rain jacket for my 4yo this year and it turned out great. Definitely putting is one on the list for next winter (no need for one right now in oz!)


Laura said:

Wow. Looks great! I’ve got my minoru cut out and ready to go and I’m going to leave out the lining and shorten the collar a bit too. Do you have any tips for sewing it without the lining?

lisa g

lisa g said:

your jacket looks awesome!! i love the minoru pattern. i made one last year and it’s such a favorite of mine!

Topstitched by Anne

Topstitched by Anne said:

It’s a beautiful jacket. And it seems very practical to have it water repellent. Did you tape the shoulderseams or anything?
I’ve been wanting this pattern for some time myself but haven’t gotten that far yet. I figured I would make it in softshell.


thenerdyseamstress said:

I bought this pattern, but I haven’t made it. I’m not sure about the gathering at the waist and just under the collar. After seeing your though, I just might make one! It’s gorgeous and I love your pictures!

John Vossos

John Vossos said:

Love the dog … nice pics ….. cheers …

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