Yes, you read that title correctly...the Goldstream Peacoat PDF sewing pattern is officially available in our pattern store!


We are so thrilled to finally be able to offer you this pattern, especially since it is the pattern we have received the most requests and comments about.  To reward you for your patience and enthusiasm, purchase the Goldstream PDF now until noon (PST) tomorrow for 15% off!  Enter the code HURRAH at checkout to help us celebrate the launch and to receive your discount! For those of you who are holding out for the printed version of our pattern, it is currently at our printers and we swear, you won't have to wait much longer!

peacoat flats

The Goldstream Peacoat is a large PDF file so we recommend taking it to the printers to save yourself printer ink, tape and time.  If you have a Staples near by or a similar roll feed printer, it is quite affordable and very quick to have it printed.  At Staples, ask for their cheap Engineer Prints. If you don't have a roll feed print shop available to you, it is still, of course, completely possible to print it at home and tape it together.  I did so myself when I sewed Matt's Christmas peacoat.  I always collect the paper we have printed things onto and re-use the second side of the paper for PDF patterns, that way it feels like I'm not 'wasting' quite so many resources.  Despite the pattern being quite large I was able to get into the rhythm of things and finish the taping and cutting out of the paper pattern pieces in one marathon evening.  I think PDF assembly is my cat Jazzy's favourite thing in the whole wide world so her paper-hunting antics greatly add to my enjoyment of the process!


Now, excuse us as we head off to celebrate the launch of our BIGGEST AND BEST pattern yet with a home-made pizza night (that's the best way to celebrate any sort of momentous occasion). Yummm...


We are so proud of this pattern - we think it really is the perfect foray into outerwear for an intermediate sewer and hope that you will agree! For a thorough description of what the pattern has to offer, check out this post which highlights my father-in-law's Goldstream Peacoat.  And, for your viewing pleasure, here is a gallery of photos so you can thoroughly examine Matt's Christmas Goldstream Peacoat while you begin planning your own version: [gallery type="rectangular" ids="1881,1876,1877,1871,1872"] [gallery type="rectangular" ids="1880,1878,1868,1867,1884,1865,1864,1863"] [gallery type="rectangular" ids="1862,1882,1873"] Now go make yours - we can't wait to see your perfect peacoat!  Happy Sewing!
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Suzie said:

Wow! The coat ist so beautiful! My husband loves the design as well, so I´ll make him one for sure :-)

MadebyMeg said:

Wow! Congrats!

Tiffany said:

Settlers of Catan! That’s the way to celebrate! :D

tillybuttons said:

Hurrah indeed! Congrats on the launch, it’s a gorgeous design. I’d love to make this for my guy when I have a bit more time.

thelallies said:

Great news, I aim to make one for my husband’s birthday later this spring. Looking forward to starting work…

tworandomwords said:

Oh lord that piping on the lining is GORGEOUS!! I think I’m going to hang out for the paper version (easier and prettier to store) but I can imagine Mr. Guy really liking this when I ever get around to making it for him!! Maybe for this coming winter…

sewlaurasew said:

Congrats, it looks great. I think I’ll be grabbing a paper copy when it comes out – my boyfriend likes this one!

Sarah - Fabric Tragic said:

Super stylish as always! Congratulations! My cat is more a tissue paper pattern kind of gir!

lisa g said:

YAY!!! congrats on the launch!

Christine said:

Yippee! Have already started mine! The instruction booklet is really informative and making this big for me project very doable so far!

heather drpaer said:

So proud of you two!! Everyone should know Matt is 3x the doll he looks in these pictures!!! ( hard to believe I know!)

ltinuviel said:

Congrats! It’s amazing, so classic! It’s already on my list, but Jedediah pants are first :)

fenna said:

yay!!! looks good! And, what a way to celebrate!! (would love to know what you put on your pizza—it looks absolutely delicious ;) ) Congrats!

ThreadTheory said:

Thanks! The piping was super easy – I was walking to the till with my lining and fabric and noticed a bundle of the green ready-made piping in a clearance bin and snagged it due to the perfect colour match! I just placed it in the seam when I sewed the lining to the facing. Not too long of a wait for the paper pattern now!

ThreadTheory said:

Thanks! Not too long for the paper pattern now.

ThreadTheory said:

Great! Good luck with your coat :)

ThreadTheory said:

It certainly is :) The photo was from a different pizza night so we didn’t play Settlers last night but it’s a tradition with us whenever we have a pizza night with one of our friends (it’s his game). So much fun!

ThreadTheory said:

Thanks Heather! :)

ThreadTheory said:

I hope your Jeds go well! We’d love to see photos of your finished Jeds and Goldstream!

ThreadTheory said:

The photo is from a previous pizza night but last night we made two delicious thin crusts. #1 was topped with sliced venison steak (cooked previously), sliced pear, garlic, red pepper, mozzarella and pizza sauce. Once it was cooked we topped it with arugula – yum! #2 was more classic with salami, sundried tomatoes, olives, artichoke hearts, feta and that sort of thing (also really good).

ThreadTheory said:

Thanks, we’re glad you like it!

ThreadTheory said:

Great idea! Good luck with your version, we’d love to see photos when its done!

Anne W said:

Congratulations! This looks like a fabulous pattern, will definitely be finding some time to make one for the husband. On entering the discount code in the store, a message appears saying it is invalid. Something I’m doing wrong??

Joe said:

Very Nice, love the coat! Definitely going on my list.

grtescp said:

the coat is gorgeous, and great to see another settlers of catan fan, so many happy memories associated to that game!

mirza said:

Oh I’m so happy this pattern came out! And even more happy it did just before I was about to leave on my big fabric-shopping trip, per-fect timing!
I have now spent over half my week end taping & cutting, there are sooo many pieces… But it looks like it’s worth it :) yay, I’m so excited to start sewing (in about 5hours of slippery lining cutting… haha).

ThreadTheory said:

Glad your peacoat is going well :) Can’t wait to see the finished product!

ThreadTheory said:

I hope the rest of your cutting went well and that you’re happily onto the sewing part now!

ThreadTheory said:

That’s all right, good luck with your coat!

Anne W said:

apologies, it seems I cannot read dates correctly! Pattern purchased anyway, can’t wait to get it printed!

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