lazo-trousers The Lazo Trousers - our second pattern for women - is live in our shop! lazo-trousers-17 These trousers are designed to flatter an hourglass figure by hugging the curves while maintaining complete comfort.  They have a wide, shaped waistband from which the pants hang like a skirt.  There is no pressure across the hips or thighs due to the roomy pleats and tapered leg. lazo-trousers-11   There are two variations included within this pattern - one is full length and the other is a cropped trouser with wide cuffs and statement belt loops.  Of course, you can mix and match variations by adding belt looks to the full length version! camasblouse-1 This pattern, as many of you know, has been in the works for the last four years - in fact, the design itself pre-dates Thread Theory!  I developed these pants, along with the Camas Blouse, for my end of year fashion show during design school.  My goal for my fashion line was to create elegant garments that do not sacrifice comfort.  These trousers, in particular, were designed to combat a myriad of issues that I have with most women's casual pants...the narrow waistband digs in to my lower tummy, there is never enough room for my bum, and I tend to feel a bit like a sausage stuffed in to its casing due to the tight fit across the hips and thighs.  I prefer to wear close fitting trousers so that I can balance them with loose fitting tops (so wide leg trousers aren't an option in my daily casual wardrobe).  The Lazo Trousers were my answer to all of these complaints and criteria. lazo-trousers-26 lazo-trousers-25 Maybe they are the answer to your pant related complaints too!  When I posted photos of the trousers on my blog (which was very new at that time), I received such an enthusiastic response that I decided to develop a couple of women's patterns to compliment our menswear line.

Our 4th birthday:

lazo-trousers-12 Fast forward over four years later to Thread Theory's 4th birthday, and the trousers are available at last!  We've launched them today to help us celebrate this anniversary and to thank you, our predominantly female community, for enthusiastically supporting our menswear supply shop and pattern line over the last four years.  THANK YOU!!! logo As another way to celebrate, Matt and I are giving back to an organisation that is close to our hearts.  50% of proceeds from each Lazo Trouser sale will be donated to Help Fill A Dream.  This is a Vancouver Island based organisation that assists children with life threatening conditions by fulfilling their dreams and by providing care and financial support for their families.  You can read more about their efforts and the dreams they have filled on their website. This organisation means a lot to me because I was diagnosed with Leukaemia when I was a toddler.  Help Fill a Dream gave my family and I something to look forward to while I went through chemotherapy by promising me a trip to Disneyland.  As a young child, unable to comprehend what I was going through, the trip to Disneyland remains my only memory of the whole ordeal.  I can only wish that every child facing such health challenges could grow up healthy and look back on that period of their life with such fondness!

Behind the Scenes - Pattern Development:

FashionShow-50 Now that you know the inside scoop on our birthday celebrations, here is a look behind the scenes during the Lazo Trousers development process: As you can probably guess, based on the four year time frame required to complete this pattern, there were quite a few snags along the way.  First, I had to gain confidence in my fitting skills before even considering developing a pattern designed to fit the hip, crotch and waist curves of a woman's figure!  Helping all of you with your menswear fitting challenges has, of course, given me a fairly diverse amount of experience.  I also took a women's trouser fitting workshop two summers ago to compliment the fitting class that I attended during my design program. [gallery ids="12398,12385" type="rectangular"] The next challenge was the pattern testing process.  I sent the pattern to volunteers with a large variety of body shapes and sizes.  I also sewed up many samples to try on the women in my own life.  After this experience I was given a HUGE amount of feedback by my generous testers and fit took me months to wade through it all! I then tweaked the pattern and pretty much re-wrote the instructions based on this wonderful feedback.  During this process I came to terms with a very important concept: One trouser pattern will never fit everyone...especially not this one!  These trousers are quite a unique style that were drafted to fit body type.  They are meant to flatter someone who has a large difference between their waist and hip measurements (i.e. an hourglass figure) and to fit someone with a fairly rounded bottom and flat stomach (their hip circumference is mostly distributed towards the back).  Even someone with the exact figure I just described will still need to fit this pattern to themselves because the human body is incredibly unique.  If you don't have an hourglass figure but long for the Lazos in your wardrobe, go ahead and give them a try!  I bet, with a muslin, some fitting and tweaking of the style, you can sew yourself a pair of perfect trousers!  Just be prepared to do a little bit of extra work before achieving the results that you want. lazo-trousers-5 Don't let my talk of fitting scare you off of sewing trousers!  Just think, store bought trousers are not fitted to your figure and you have probably been wearing these more or less successfully your whole life!  A few simple fit adjustments will produce trousers that are REALLY comfortable because they are tailored to your body.  I have included side seams on the Lazo waistband to make it easy to fit your unique waist to hip curve.  I have illustrated quite a few tips within the instruction booklet to help you fit to your lower back, bottom and crotch curve.  I will also be photographing some important fitting techniques on the blog in the coming weeks.

Let's sew Lazos!

Ready to tackle a pair of trousers?  I will be posting a list of recommended fabrics tomorrow!  In the meantime, you can find the awesome buckles that I used for my favourite sample in our shop. [gallery ids="12440,12386" type="rectangular"] Grab a pair to use on your own Lazos! > lazo-hack-contest Lastly, we're hosting a fun Lazo Hack contest.  The purpose of the contest is to show off your creative manipulation of this pattern by sharing your tips, tutorials, sketches, and finished Lazo projects.  Submit photos or illustrations using #lazotrousers on Facebook or Instagram or email them to me at  I will be handing out prizes at random until January 31st.  This means, the earlier you submit your images, the more chances you have at winning a prize! lazo-trousers-7 An upcoming post on recommended materials for the Lazo will feature more details about the contest and my own ideas to hack the pattern. Download your Lazo Trouser Pattern now >
  imgp9555 Thanks again, from Matt and I, for your enthusiastic support of our menswear supply shop and for making the last four years so much fun!  Happy Birthday to Thread Theory :D P.S. Please comment below if you have any questions about fitting your figure.  I am preparing the fitting blog post and will launch it next Friday Dec. 23rd.  Now is the time to ask so that you can have your questions answered!        
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Charlotte said:

Congratulations on the new pattern, and happy birthday to Thread Theory! The pants look wonderful, and I’m looking forward to your posts on fitting (and hacking?). I would be especially interested in hacking these to make wider legs. Or maybe I should attempt to do a little hacking myself and participate in the contest…

sls said:

I’m really excited to try these! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I love the look and hope I can recreate it on my shorter, rounder figure … lol. As far as fitting questions though, these will be my first attempt at trousers, but I already know my usual trouble with pants are the thighs (and hips). You already mentioned that this pattern suits an hourglass figure, so I think that’s a good start for me, but I do have thicker thighs also. I’d be interested in fitting tips to help fit larger thighs and prevent that God-awful riding up at the crotch that happens.

Meg said:

Hooray! I have been waiting for this pattern release with bated breath since testing it last year- such lovely details! Can’t wait to try out the final version! And happy birthday to Thread Theory!

cameliadb said:

Happy Birthday Thread Theory! I like the new pattern very much , I like how they hang from the waist and the simple back. I am thinking about fabric choices as I am a little afraid of those pleats . But you convinced me with ….they feel like a full skirt.?

Katie said:

Happy anniversary! I’m loving the Lazo trousers. I definitely need a tried-and-true pants pattern as ready-to-wear usually doesn’t fit me right. This is because I have pretty large calves… so a tutorial on a calf adjustment on these pants would be perfect!

Begoña Aguilera Caballero said:

Happy birthday! thank you for releasing this pattern. I am a big fan of your work and your business, so even I am not sure if these trousers will fit me they are bought already (just waiting for downloading, it seems something doesn’t really work in the shop).

My question is related to my measurement: I don’t have the shape the trousers need, but I will try to adjust them. I am 90 in my waist and around 100 in my hip. Can I have hope? :-)

Lisa Poblenz (patternandbranch) said:

Congratulations on the pattern and your fourth birthday! You guys add a lot to the sewing community—both with your unique patterns and your kind spirit that shines through what you do. I wish you many years of success.

Jane said:

Wow, I can see how much thought and work has gone into these! They look like a great sewing challenge. It has ,e thinking about how they might fit into my wardrobe. Congratulations on four years!

Katja said:

Happy Birthday! I always loved every picture of these trousers, but what you wrote about them and the reasons they came to be feels so much like what I experianced with trousers. They must be what I waited for… and oh my goodness: these buckles! I would never have any hope of finding something similar over here in Germany. Perfection!

kalimak said:

They look great! I just finished the Camas blouse and now I’m so tempted by these! I can’t wait for your tutorial posts, Morgan. You are very good at explaining the sewing process — from fabric selection to finishing details.

Now sleep and come back to the blog refreshed :-) Congratulations on a beautiful new pattern, again!

Lia Marcoux said:

I’m so excited to see these out in the world! I’ve had eyes for them ever since spotting them in the Camas blouse photos. I’ve got the full back these are meant to fit (ka-ching!) but no-one would describe my tum as “flat”; is this pattern compatible with a pocket stay or something similar?

Kristie Hammond said:

These are awesome!! I just purchased the pattern, and look forward to starting them in the New Year. I would be interested in knowing how to adjust for a flat bottom. Almost every pair of pants I own sag in the butt.

As for the fact that you are giving back some of the proceeds to the Help Fill a Dream program, that alone was enough to have me buy the pattern. Your story is a powerful one. The fact that your trip to Disneyland is the memory you hold from when you were undergoing cancer treatment shows the importance of their work. And having a daughter who struggled with a very serious illness as a child, and who received a wish from The Children’s Wish Foundation, I know how much it can mean to be a recipient of such kindness in the midst of a horrible time.

niqueknackss said:


May you please show a full tummy adjustment?

francescapia said:

Hooray! So happy they’re out at last! I actually asked you on instagram because I was so eager:).
Leukaemia? Bloody hell. No words for that except I am happy you are here with us now:). And how lovely that you are giving back. I’ll get the pattern now partly because of your generosity – notwithstanding my hatred of PDFs – and hope someday you’ll paper it:).

Questions – I have the body type to a tee. Except that I now have a very strange lower belly bulge due to an emergency total hysterectomy. Difficult to make adjustments?

Also – I can see that gorgeous waist hip shape being hacked into modernised palazzo pants – I love 30s silhouettes – any chance of a hack on that? Pretty please?

francescapia said:

Me again – I had seen the pants before but never the particular post with the rationed fashion look book… I hope that the rest of the collection eventually make it into production! The linen shirt dress – the coat – such lovely, thoughtful designs… there is so much more to your designs than many of the simplistic and sometimes slapdash patterns out there…..

Anemone said:

Happy fourth birthday! Gorgeous looking pattern and I think the body type described is not too far off for me. I’d love to see tips on adjusting Lazo for a full tummy.

One other question, are you planning to release this pattern in print? I absolutely love your printed versions and am wondering if I should wait… Thank you for releasing this beautiful pattern!!

Lightning McStitch said:

I have the utmost respect for the fact that you didn’t put this pattern out when it wasn’t quite right. Too often, indie sewing pattern testing seems to be done just before a set release date and the designer misses the opportunity to improve their pattern (and dismisses all our testing effort). Hats off to you for your perseverance and desire for excellence.
I’m very much looking forward to sewing the final version, but now you have to wait (?) as I’m just too busy right now! ?

Sox said:

Happy Birthday!
I’ve been watching for this pattern since I saw the teaser on your blog awhile back.
Thank you, Morgan, for asking for questions about fitting. Does the pattern have the finished measurements as well? I always like to see that (and perhaps I missed it above).
And, like Kristie Hammond above, I also have a rather flat bottom. Plus, to add more challenge, in your trousers my waist is a size 10 and my hips are a 14. I’m looking forward to reading your tips.
Thank you again and have a lovely holiday season.

Meris - The Fabric Alchemist said:

Congrats for 4 years and thank you for sharing these pants with the world. I think these will look great with my growing handmade wardrobe. I can’t wait to make them.

ThreadTheory said:

I’m glad you like the buckles and it’s neat to hear that someone else relates to my rocky relationship with trousers!

ThreadTheory said:

Yes, you should! That would be a wonderful contribution to the contest :D I promise I will post more details on the contest before the end of the week (Christmas preparations are catching up with me at last).

ThreadTheory said:

Excellent! I will certainly include tips for fitting the thighs (and hips too). I think you may actually need to worry more about the fit at the hip than you do at the thigh with this pattern since the upper leg is very roomy – but don’t worry! I will cover both areas.

francescapia said:

I had bought the camas blouses as a PDF and never got round to the dreaded trim and stick… when the paper version came out I was very impressed – my PDF cost was deducted! Probably the only company to ever do this…

amcclure2014 said:

Congratulations on your pattern and 4th anniversary. I love the look of the trousers with the Camas blouse. I think the style may be too youthful for me, sadly. I’m over 60. I have the pear shape but currently a tum too and I have big thighs and calves so that would mean a lot of adjustments. I’m tall, too. So lengthening crotch length and depth, full thigh and calf adjustment, lengthen leg length. I’m tempted because of your good cause and because you have clearly spent time in development and have listened to tester feedback.

ThreadTheory said:

Will do! Thanks for your request :)

ThreadTheory said:

Thank you for your enthusiasm over this pattern :D And for buying the PDF despite your hatred of them! I hope to print the Lazos eventually but will not be certain about this until we see how they are received over the coming months. Of course, we will be offering our usual discount for people who bought the PDF if they want to by the printed pattern later (we remove the cost of the PDF pattern from the printed pattern price).

I have added your fit request to my list and will do a bit of research! You might be interested to know that the Lazos are drafted to have a subtly curved centre front seam to accommodate a slightly round lower belly. I am not sure if this will be sufficient in your case (something you may need to determine with a mock up) and so I will look up some ways to create more curve in this area! Finally, I love your hack idea! Someone else commented about adding wide legs to the Lazos too. Maybe one of you will create this rendition for the Lazo Hack contest? I will be blogging more about the contest before the end of the week!

ThreadTheory said:

Okay! I will add that to the list for my fitting post :D Thanks for the suggestion!

ThreadTheory said:

I bet you can make them work for you! You will, of course, need to take out some of the curved shaping along the side seams when you fit the trousers to you (and I would highly recommend at least one mock up!). I’ll try to cover some adjustment ideas for a straighter figure when I do my fitting posts (probably just after Christmas).

ThreadTheory said:

Thank you so much Lisa! That’s very sweet of you :D

ThreadTheory said:

Excellent points and questions! To answer your question about finished measurements – yes, we have included quite a few with this pattern. You can see them listed in the last image on the Lazo product page in our shop. Click on the image and then hover over the larger version of it to zoom in!

It sounds like you will need to make some fit adjustments to the Lazos to create more room for your hips. I will be covering some ideas for this in my post on fitting!

Anemone said:

Oh wow, that is fantastic! I’ve never heard of that before either, very impressive ?

ThreadTheory said:

Thank you very much for your compliment! I always worry that my explanations sound like gobbledegook :P They often do before the editing process!

ThreadTheory said:

I just had a little look at an excellent tutorial on The Curvy Sewing Collective that explains how to add a pocket stay to a pants pattern ( This could probably work as an adjustment for the Lazo pocket pieces (though I haven’t tried it myself). I think you’ll find that the wide waistband feels quite supportive too.

ThreadTheory said:

Thank you for your comment about Help Fill a Dream! I hope that The Children’s Wish Foundation has made a very positive impact in your daughter’s life and that she is healthy and strong now! I will add your fit request to my list for my upcoming post on fit!

francescapia said:

A knit band! wow…. Now you’ve made it even more attractive:)….

Anemone said:

That makes sense. I’ll be hoping it remains popular then. They look so comfortable even in woven and I’m really looking forward to seeing how to mod it into sweatpants!

ThreadTheory said:

Thank you for your feedback! It can be intimidating to approach a pattern when it needs so many fit adjustments. I certainly drafted it with a youthful body shape/style in mind so I suspect you are correct, though it could be a fun challenge if you ever felt like delving right in! I will be on the lookout for an older friend or relative who is interested in wearing the Lazos to see if I could successfully fit them in the future. By the way, I have a few plans percolating for future patterns that will be much more accommodating for females of all ages. These plans are only in very early stages but I am excited for them!

ThreadTheory said:

Thank you! I’ve always loved that linen shirtdress in particular. It’s sooo comfy to wear because it has a knit band running down the sleeve and no waist seam. Maybe one day :)

ThreadTheory said:

I hope to release the Lazos in print but will only do so if the Lazos continue to be received enthusiastically by the community over the next 4-6 months :). I know women’s patterns can be a bit more ‘trendy’ than men’s patterns so I am hesitant to print it until I am sure people will want to continue to sew the Lazos for years!

Wednesday Weekly #65 – Helen's Closet said:

[…] Thread Theory released their second pattern for women, the Lazo Trousers! […]

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