DSC03802 Happy Halloween!  It's Morgan here sharing the cutest photos of Nicole and her daughter Lena!  They dropped by my house this Halloween morning while I was busily typing away in reply to the gazillion emails and comments we received after the launch of our Jutland Pants yesterday.  Thanks for your enthusiastic response! DSC03803 Needless to say, my Halloween wasn't feeling especially festive in the traditional ghost and pumpkin sort of sense (though launching a pattern is always super festive :P).  But when Nicole and Lena came by, that very quickly changed!DSC03804 Lena and her parents have gone all out this year with their hand made costumes.  Nicole and I spent our Friday night sewing sessions making Lena a Dorothy costume.  Nicole has been reading the Wizard of Oz series to Lena over the last couple months (I never knew there was a series and have only ever seen abridged editions of the story!).  Needless to say, a Wizard of Oz theme was of top priority this Halloween.DSC03805 When Nicole went to buy the fabric for Lena's costume, one of Nicole and my favorite employees at our local fabric store eagerly mentioned that she had once sewn a winged monkey costume for herself (the Halloween costume tradition at the Courtenay Fabricland is REALLY epic).  She kindly lent the whole beautifully sewn costume to Nicole so she could look the part with her daughter!  Scott (Lena's dad) is dressing up as the Scarecrow :).DSC03799 Nicole thought of so many perfect details for the costume!  She hand sewed Toto and made the most perfect ruby slippers: DSC03798 DSC03793 We decided to make all the garment pieces separate so that they could be worn as every day clothing as well as a costume.  The shirt will be perfect for summer.  Nicole did a lovely job binding the neckline and sleeves.DSC03795We made the skirt very long and quite large for Lena so it will be worn for many years to come!  Nicole sewed the 'apron' piece that fits over the skirt and shirt as the only piece of the outfit that is truly just for costume use.  It is kind of like a vest with a cummerbund that wraps over the skirt and does up using a zipper at the side.  The straps cross over at the back and the ruffle from the skirt peeks out over the top - super cute! DSC03794This is Lena's first big Halloween where she is excited about haunted houses and trick or treating (she's 4).  I think she'll look back on this costume and her family's enthusiastic dressing up with very fond memories! DSC03790 What home-sewn costume memories do you have?  Did you sew an epic costume this year?  Happy Halloween!

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