New Year's Sale Happy New Year! We're having a big sale in our store to help fuel your resolution and to-do list endeavors!  Everything is discounted from 15% to's our biggest sale yet!  I always find January to be a month full of exciting dreams and plans for the future (as most people do, I am sure!) and so, along with Matt and my personal resolutions, I have been formulating a sewing to-do list.Mood-boards-3

Clockwise: Camas Blouse | Cascade Skirt | Lazo Pants (coming soon in our shop!)

Of course, with the recent release of our Camas Blouse pattern, I have all sorts of interpretations of the blouse floating around in my head.  I plan to create a tunic length version shortly and also would like to do a tutorial on sewing the blouse with pleats instead of gathers.  I just finished sewing a Cascade Skirt (a lovely pattern by Megan Nielsen) and it pairs really well with the Camas Blouse.  The version I have made is in a luxurious deep purple faux-suede (to be blogged soon!) so my next version will be something a little more aimed at everyday wear.  Lastly, to provide another outfit option for my wardrobe of Camas Blouses, I have great plans to sew all sorts of samples of our upcoming pattern, the Lazo Pants!  The first two versions I make will be in floaty Tencel and a wool suiting blend. Mood-boards-4

Clockwise: Coppelia Cardigan | Nettie Bodysuit | Watson Bra and Underwear

In an effort to make my sewing plans work together to form a proper 'wardrobe' I've tried to create sewing plans with outfits in mind.  I think the short version of Papercut Pattern's Coppelia Cardigan would look really nice with both the Lazo Pants and the Cascade Skirt because the cardigan ends at waist length.  Nicole and I will be sewing the Watson Bra during our upcoming Friday night sewing sessions.  And lastly, I'd like to sew a white Nettie Bodysuit as a layering piece to wear under the Coppelia.

Mood-boards-2 Mood-boards

I played around with some potential colour and texture schemes as I made my plans...don't hold me to them though!  I never seem to be able to stick to one coordinated set of colours...the second I walk into a fabric store and notice an unusual fabric, all my best intentions are waylaid and my colour scheme is replaced by whatever suits the random fabric I first set my eyes on!

You might notice that these plans are all for personal sewing...I have lots of menswear sewing plans as well!  I'll post about those later :).  Good luck with your sewing resolutions and daydreaming!  I hope you enjoy our biggest sale yet!



ThreadTheory said:

Oh yes, I’ve seen that pattern and really like it! I especially admired Sophie-Lee’s version on her blog Two Random Words. You’re right, it would look very nice with our pants pattern :)

Thread Theory

Thread Theory said:

[…] are the very first results from my New Year sewing plans (I posted the pattern choices and colour scheme for my wardrobe update a couple weeks ago)!  I sewed myself a Camas Blouse and a Cascade Skirt as […]

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Francesca a

Francesca a said:

Oh wow, I was just fuming at my idiocy at buying a pdf I probably won’t make till spring (hate pdfs) after seeing it will be available printed – and then I see the discount thing! That is so nice of you! I think you are probably the only patternmakers that offer this. I really appreciate it. What great karma you guys have….
Love the look of the pants – in the flats and on the model – will there be a lengthening line? Love that length on her but not on me ;)


ThreadTheory said:

The sale ends tomorrow at the end of the work day (5pm PST)! I’ll be sending out a blog post/newsletter today to let everybody know the end time!


ThreadTheory said:

Hi Francesca,

I replied to your comment by email but thought I would mention my response here so other people can read it :). The upcoming pants pattern will include the cuffed version and a full length hemmed version! And yes, we will also include lengthen and shorten here lines.

Have a great day!

Le Papillon

Le Papillon said:

Thank for your answer, my man will get a great Strathcona for his birthday ! ♥


francescapia said:

Thanks Morgan!
Just bought a really cute card pattern – Jenna from Muse patterns. The cropped version will look lovely with those pants. Check it out :)

Beth Byrge

Beth Byrge said:

Can’t wait for the Lazo pants! And I think I have a black wool suiting that will work perfectly, thanks for the idea!


ThreadTheory said:

Yes, it will be a paper pattern in the future! We’ll be printing the Camas blouse along with the Finlayson Sweater, the Jutland Pants and the Lazo Pants…we’re hoping this will take place in February! In the meantime, you are welcome to purchase the PDF version because we will be offering a discount to everyone who purchases the PDF for one week once the printed pattern is released. That way you will end up receiving the PDF pattern for free! I’ve explained how this will work in this old blgo post: :)


ThreadTheory said:

I’m looking forward to your upcoming pattern as well! I saw the sneak peek Instagram post today…so curious!


Kelly said:

Thanks, that is a really cool option. I probably wouldn’t get to it until spring anyway so I will wait for the paper version :)

Le Papillon

Le Papillon said:

Thank for the sale ! How long will it last ?


Kelly said:

I like the Camas blouse a lot, but the Lazo pants I am suuuupppper excited about! They look awesome.


Kelly said:

I was also curious if the Camas Blouse would be offered as a paper pattern in the future? I was about to order the PDF but will wait if paper is an option later on :)

Lisa | Paprika Pat. (@paprikapatterns)

Lisa | Paprika Pat. (@paprikapatterns) said:

I too am really excited about the Lazas pants!! I was not allowed to buy anything for a month, but they you ran this sale… Just got the Camas :) Your mens patterns are cool, but now I’m also looking forward to more womens patterns!


emsewcrazy said:

How fun! Glad you’re getting to sew for you! I’ve got half my Camas blouse cut out. I decided to go with contrasting yokes.

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