In the Studio banner - small This week Matt and I have been fully immersed in the final preparations for the launch of our next pattern!  I'm sewing the final sample at the moment, our graphic designer, Sonia, has been busy altering our instructions based on the thorough and ever-so-helpful feedback provided by our test-sewers, and Matt has been revising the actual pattern pieces to suit the test-sewer's suggestions. IMGP2128 We're excited to show you what we've been working on!  I won't be long now!



Sarah said:

Ohhh when will it be when will it be? Waiting with bated breath… Will these be interchangeable with the Jeds? Or would you be able to do a how-to in the future? (I’m thinking front of these, back of Jeds). Looking good anyway and can’t wait! My husband loves all the Jeds I’ve made (2 long pairs, 2 shorts), his Finlayson sweater and he’s got a peacoat on his list too. Now I’m waiting to order these together!


ThreadTheory said:

They won’t be interchangeably with the Jeds as the cut is a lot more relaxed on these and so the hip and seat shaping is very different. This new pattern includes both welt and patch pockets though! It would be simple enough to use the new pattern as a guideline for creating curved pockets on the Jeds though – I will certainly keep a tutorial like this in mind for the future! You’ve been so busy sewing for your husband! He must be thrilled :)


Sarah said:

A tutorial would be great – I’m more of an intermediate sewer so going off-pattern is still unfamiliar for me. But I’ll wait and see what this new pattern is like before I say I want it different!

And my husband is definitly happy – he says he’s never going shopping again!


ThreadTheory said:

Yes, we have! We’ve tried to put every design feature not included in the Jeds into this pattern :)


ThreadTheory said:

No specific day is set but hopefully it will be next week!


ThreadTheory said:

I’m glad you like it!


Marion said:

Fantastic!!!! Looks like a perfect complimentary alter ego to the Jeds. I will be watching your website, credit card in hand!!LOL

Anne W

Anne W said:

Fabulous, I’ll be watching next week!


thenerdyseamstress said:

Whoa! From that picture, I’m liking what I’m seeing. I can’t wait for the release!


Clotilde said:

Ça ressemble beaucoup à un pantalon ; mais ce qui est sur c’est que je vais adorer !!!


gallomane said:

Je peux t’affirmer que tu vas A-DO-RER Clo ;)


Anonymous said:

When’s the big day????


Katrina said:

This should be a good!

I’be just finished two pairs of Jeds and was considering restarting/curving the front pockets for the next set, looks like you might have done the job already!

Bird and Bicycle

Bird and Bicycle said:

Nice! Can’t wait!

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