In the Studio banner - small In the studio is a weekly feature where I show you a little sneak peek at what I've been up to this week.  Here's this week's edition! IMGP1943 I think I'm going to sound a little cliche and maybe a little old fashioned when I say, "Isn't technology mind boggling?"  This morning, I presented a seminar sitting in my coziest sweater, which a cup of honey lemon water in my very own kitchen!  No need for business attire, long expensive trips across the country or the nerves associated with presenting to a lecture hall of upturned faces full of anticipation!  Usually, if you explained this scenario to me I would sigh a little and exclaim about the sad loss of personal connection in this technology filled world...but I must admit, as I sat nervously in my own dining room this morning, I was REALLY glad I could instruct the BurdaStyle Web Seminar from home! Have you ever worked with seminar hosting technology?  Does technology effect your experiences with sewing?  What role does it play in your careers?  I'd love to hear what you think!
October 09, 2014 — 33363409


jumliana said:

Hi Megan! I watched it today, and it was wonderful! So many tips, so much information, I loved it! And you are so sweet! Thanks so much, I am so glad I enrolled! much love to you *

accordion3 said:

I often use conferencing software for professional work and networking. I love that it is possible to connect with same-interest people so easily.

ThreadTheory said:

Oh that’s too bad! They must have translated the time incorrectly! Good thing it was recorded! Very well said about technology – you have a great point. It is amazing being able to connect with so many other people who are interested in sewing in the same manner that I am. There are so many interesting people out there that we get to learn from and talk to that we otherwise would never have met without the internet, sewing blogs and social sites like BurdaStyle!

jumliana said:

oh pity, I read the “instructions” and I sat to watch it when you were finishing it… it began when it was noon here, but the chart told me it would begin at 13h(here).
well well, on monday I’ll catch up.
I think this is the point of technology, really. Or, better saying, this is the best use of it, because it can truly connect us in a way we just wouldn’t ever connect.

ThreadTheory said:

I’m soooo glad you enjoyed the presentation! I hadn’t heard much in the way of feedback about it so it is really a relief to hear that you found it to be full of information :). Thank you for the compliments and for being so thoughtful!

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