In the Studio banner - medium Hello from the TT studio!  After a day of instruction booklet writing earlier this week, I spent the evening working on a super random sewing project (as I often do). IMGP0009 Matt works at the local fire hall and so he sometimes brings home uniforms and asks me for a favor.  I usually hem pants for his co-workers, but this time I sewed on some patches to make their new shirts look nice and official!  I like doing these little projects because I kind of see it as a way to use sewing to 'do my bit.'   Even though I'm not running into burning buildings or rescuing cats from trees (they actually do that...isn't that awesome?) at least I'm 'doing my bit' by helping to make them look good while they do theirs! (Lol, that's probably stretching things a little but at least it makes me motivated enough to get through the monotony of simple alterations...maybe...)
July 24, 2014 — 33363409


ThreadTheory said:

Ah yes, that sounds tedious!!!

tworandomwords said:

Better than what my husband asks me to do – unpick the labels from his overalls so they don’t obviously belong to his old workplace!

Marion said:

It’s a nice thing to do for those who do so much.

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