In the Studio banner - small Matt did a studio photo shoot this week!  Our quest for nice, lit up photos of my sewing room have constantly eluded us until now because the light coming in from the window is so direct and bright (great for sewing but it keeps making the rest of the studio look dark and gloomy in our photos).  Matt came up with a DIY flash diffuser solution to achieve the best results we've had yet.  He held some white cotton fabric over his flash and suddenly my studio looked much more bright and sunlit very close to how it looks in reality!  And I was pretty pleased that it was my fabric scraps that came to the rescue :P. Web-9 We've taken some pretty shots of the details: Web-8 But also some realistic ones that show how my studio is slowly being invaded by overflowing baskets of scraps:Web-3 Here are my sewing machines.  Meet Mr. Industrial:Web-7 And my lovely little Kenmore (courtesy of my mother-in-law for my birthday!):Web-6 Web-5 Web-4 I store my stash of patterns in filing boxes - most of them are PDFs and are stored in manilla envelopes within the folders.  I have folders for each of our Thread Theory collections in one box and in the other is a folder for each indie pattern company.  The McCalls and Vogue patterns are stored seperate in a little box in my closet (until I get another filing bin). Web-2 We store our huge stash of Thread Theory tissue patterns in plastic bins in hopes of protecting them if ever we had a flood or some other paper-destroying sort of disaster.  It's scary having so much money invested into such an easily ruined medium as paper! Web Matt insisted on photographing my speaker cord :P.  I have it attached to my cutting/pinning table since this is usually where my lap top ends up sitting while I sew.  That way I can answer customer emails and listen to audio books while I sew (I'm listening to Phryne Fisher Murder Mysteries right now :D). Now for another realistic view of my studio: Here is the disaster that is hidden behind my closet doors...Web-10 I like using the hanging fabric shelves for fabric storage as they expand a little to fit whatever dimension the fabric is folded into but they don't look especially tidy, do they?Web-11 Web-12And lastly, meet Stella!  We are dog-sitting this week (much to the disgust of our cat, Jazzy).  Stella a real sweety and is so patient with Jazzy.  They've even progressed to voluntarily hanging out in our bedroom together (both looking decidedly uncomfortable).  Stella is a pretty good sewing dog - the sound of the sewing machine doesn't bother her and she loves to sleep beside me as I sew!
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misscrayolacreepy said:

Ok, your closet is not bad at all!!! I am terrified to show anyone my closet, especially my husband. He would not be happy with all the scraps I have hidden in there.

I love that you have decorated your wall with your framed patterns. So cute and clever.

Andrea B said:

Great shots! If those photos are “realistic” regarding your messes, I have a lot to live up to! My room is a disaster 90% of the time because I only clean it (= shove stuff in the closet) if someone is coming over or I’m starting a massive project.

lisa g said:

love your sewing space! i bet that industrial is a blast to sew on ;-)

gilliancrafts said:

I think my mom has that same Kenmore! It was a wedding gift… and she just finally replaced it this year! ;)

ThreadTheory said:

I’m glad you agree :) Quilting stashes look so tidy, bright and enticing!

deadlycraft said:

Great filling boxes! If it makes you feel better I think there is no way to make dress fabrics store neatly. When I compare the piles of garment fabric to the sewing room shots of quilters it’s very obvious!

ThreadTheory said:

Thanks! I’m glad to hear my closet passes inspection! :) It’s pretty much the best I can do with the storage options I have at the moment. One day I plan to make some sort of built in closet organization system but that will have to wait until we live somewhere a bit more permanent. If you can still close your closet doors then you are in good shape in my opinion haha!

ThreadTheory said:

I try to keep it pretty clean or else I’d probably be buried in a mountain of fabric scraps and would be lost for forever! My biggest guilty mess is the amount of pins strewn over the floor by the time I go to vacuum. Matt avoids the sewing room at all costs because he knows walking in there will mean a pin in the foot. I guess I’ve learned how to walk in just such a way that they don’t often stick into mine lol!

ThreadTheory said:

Yes, I really love it! I got so used to sewing on them at school it would have been difficult to switch back to only a domestic. It has a built in oil distributing system so I don’t even have to oil it :D.

ThreadTheory said:

Wow! It seems like it was quite a popular machine as a few people told me they had the same machine when I posted it on Instagram too :). I’m glad to hear that it served your Mom well!

George said:

What I probably should have mentioned is that they have made the books into a TV series. They’re about to make series 3. There has also been an exhibition of the costumes here (in Melbourne). Let me know if you need help sourcing a DVD… :)

ThreadTheory said:

Yes, I LOVE the outfits! Especially how coordinated they are described to be. They are more like costumes rather than just clothes! I wish I had the energy or desire to put so much thought into what I wear each day. I guess it helps to have a whole household of people hired to help you look magnificent :P.

Marion said:

Sewing and teenagers have taught me the merits of a good door!

George said:

I heart Phryne. Does listening to the descriptions of her frocks ever make you want to break out the cloche and peacock feathers, and sew a Chinese silk gown?!

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