in-the-wild-banner-small The Jutland Pants Sew-Along begins on Dec. 1st (we're working on creating the custom pocket pattern pieces today!).  To give you some inspiration as you plan your pants, today I want to feature Duncan Macleod's Jutlands. jutlandsdmacleodsmusings To read all the construction and fitting details about this pair of Jutlands, head to Duncan's blog: dmacleodsmusings.  Duncan offer's an inspiring approach to DIY.  On his blog he states:
"I can't help but do for myself what might easily be done for me."
Duncan discusses the similarities of sewing and welding and demonstrates the importance of spatial intelligence when creating something 3D from a 2D raw material. dmacleodsmusings2 I really like Duncan's choice of contrasting top stitching and the flat felled seams on these Jutlands look very professional. Next, let me show you an excellent rendition of the Strathcona Henley! moto-cona This Strathcona was made by Devon of Miss Make for her brother.  She chose a motorcycle themed fabric and worried a bit that it might be too cutesy.  She had no need to fear as her brother loves the shirt (enough to agree to model!) and I think he suceeds in making it look really chic!  When I read that this was a motorcycle themed Strathcona I had to squiiiint to see the motorcycles - I really like how subtle they are. Thanks for sharing you finished projects guys!  
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Joanna said:

Oh boy, we really need a pattern for Ladies Jutlands!

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