In the wild banner - large Today marks the first day of what will (I hope!) be our first regular series on the blog!  Each Tuesday morning I'll be posting a new Thread Theory garment that I've seen around the internet or sewn myself throughout the previous week.  There are so many amazing menswear pieces popping up on blogs and social media sites lately.  Every time I see a new one my drive to create more menswear garments is happily refreshed.  It is most definitely time I share them with you so you can feel the same! Jeds by Cashmerette First up is a pair of Jeds made by Jenny of Cashmerette for her brother's birthday.  Isn't the subtle vintage vibe absolutely amazing?  To check out the whole photoshoot in the dreamy location of Provence, France, head on over to Jenny and Lauren's blog, Cashmerette!
July 15, 2014 — 33363409


misscrayolacreepy said:

I really like his style!

ThreadTheory said:

Me too – especially his shoes! Perfect with the shorts but I never would have though to pair them!

ThreadTheory said:

Happy sewing! If you want, send along photos when you’re done and they can go up on our weekly feature :).

Laura Arhire said:

They look really nice. I just started on a pair for my OH myself, I’m hoping to finish them soon.

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