In the wild banner - small Since the Finlayson Sew-Along is done, things will be getting back to normal on the blog again!  Tuesday is once again "In the Wild" day where I feature Thread Theory makes that have been sewn by our talented customers.  Of course, with the Finlayson Contest still in full swing, I will be showing you another batch of excellent fall sweaters today:Finlayson Collage 3

Ann Kin (all three photos, received by email)Finlayson Collage 4

Thornberry | Mr. Fowlie (photo 2 & 3, received by email)Finlayson Collage 5

Mr. Fowlie (received by email) | Jackie (photo 2&3, received by email) | Thornberry

Thank you, everyone, for your submissions to our contest!  I love the different textures of fabric used for this cozy sweater - each of the sweaters are so personalized and unique!

Now, I have one more thing to show you today and I hope that it puts as big of a smile on your face as it put on mine.

I received the photos of Jackie's Finlayson Sweater which she sewed for her husband along with a lovely email.  Jackie told me that she loved how her husband's sweater turned out and that, since he is a Star Wars fan, she "couldn't resist having a bit of fun with the photos..."

I opened up the attached photos and, to my delight, found this:


AWESOME!  May the force be with you all during your Finlayson sewing endeavors! :D



ThreadTheory said:

It’s such a fun and sneaky way to make the sweater really personalized without making it ‘home-made’ looking when worn. I hope you come up with a great idea for your facing!


ThreadTheory said:



Fooniks said:

These look really great! I love the Star Wars Finlayson, so clever! And as a SW fan, I approve!


NewRibena said:

These are all truly impressive!


snapdragonstudios said:

Gorgeous sweaters! Having grown up watching Star Wars with my dad I can especially appreciate the last one. Now I’m thinking of fun things to do on the facing of the one I’m working on for my husband… :) -Elizabeth


emsewcrazy said:



emsewcrazy said:

Whoops, my first went early! What a great comic and what lovely sweaters. I’m so impressed with their modeling skills too!

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