Holiday Banner Matt and I are moving Thread Theory and ourselves to a new studio and home this Sunday.  We've decided to enjoy settling in by giving ourselves a week-long staycation!  We will be turning off the computer (and deleting Instagram from my phone...eek) this evening at 5pm PST.  It will remain off until Monday morning, July 6th.  Needless to say, we won't be answering emails or fulfilling your orders until we have turned the computer back on, so thank you for your patience! In the meantime, I've created a 25% discount code to our shop so that you can celebrate with us!  Just remember, you're order won't be shipping until we get back, so don't order any time sensitive birthday presents!  The discount code to enter upon checkout is: JOLLYHOLIDAY
  [gallery type="square" ids="5939,5940,5941" orderby="rand"] Ever since we began developing ideas for Thread Theory in the early winter of 2012, we haven't been away from updating the website, posting on the blog/social media or, most importantly, answering emails for more than 2 1/2 days!  Don't get me wrong, we haven't just been slaving behind the computer incessantly, we've certainly enjoyed some amazing camping trips, some great weddings and excellent family visits!  For instance, that's us in the photos above enjoying my family's sailboat just a month and a half ago.  We have just tailored our commitment to these vacations based on the availability of post offices to fulfill orders and plug-ins for our laptop. It will be so nice to unplug and focus on other interests in our lives for a week!  We have big plans to build a fence, build a raised bed garden, have long afternoon naps, take Luki on some woodland walks, and generally just live an internet/screenless life.  I might even squeeze in a bit of sewing time (but only if it is completely unrelated to work!).
  Well...this is it... I'll be back to catch up on all of your blogs and emails in just over a week.  I hope that you enjoy the discount code to our shop and thank you for your patience with order fulfillment and email replies!
June 26, 2015 — 33363409


Linda of Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!! said:

Happy holiday! A rest is always a good idea!

prolificprojectstarter said:

good for you! hope you had a great time.

Thimberlina said:

by the time you’ve read this you’ll be back to work. Hope you;re all refreshed, and had an amazing time ;-)

ThreadTheory said:

Hi Amanda, Yes it has! We were finished our holiday and back to work as of yesterday. Sorry that you missed it!

Amanda H. said:

Hi there, the code isn’t working for me. Has it expired?

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