Here we are: Half a week before the launch of the Newcastle Cardigan - our first pattern! This week, one of our test sewers, Kate, got back to us with a stunning version of the cardigan modeled by her boyfriend, Geoff! He even sewed on his own buttons! Without further ado, here are a few photos of her hard work: IMG_7663 We love the fabric Kate chose - the cuffs are ironed so crisply and the wide shawl collar drapes very nicely! IMG_7671 Thank you so much, Kate, for pattern testing for us (and Geoff for modeling)! Your comments and thoughts were invaluable. IMG_7674 Look out before May 15th for our interview (and our pattern give-away) at House of Pinheiro! And of course, join us on Wednesday, May 15th when our first pattern will be up for sale! In the meantime, here are some inspirational photos from our Pinterest Board to get you excited to sew a shawl collar sweater:

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We want to thank everyone for the amazing support! Without the encouragement of our little sewing corner of the internet, we wouldn't have made it to the launch date of our first Thread Theory menswear pattern. Thank you for your comments and for following our blog! Your support means to the world to us!

May 10, 2013 — 33363409


Sarah said:

Very exciting! Looking forward to the pattern release!

Katie said:

I’m very excited for your new pattern! I’ve been looking for indie men’s pattern for my husband for months. Thanks for filling this huge gap!

lisa g said:

i look forward to this pattern! just the other day my husband was complaining about his pull-over hoodie saying it’s too hot since he can’t unbutton it and that he needs a cardigan instead… this will definitely be the one!

Stevie said:

Can’t wait for you guys to release this pattern! I’ve been desperate to sew my man something stylish! x

ThreadTheory said:

Thanks Stevie! You’ll be pleased to know… The wait is finally over!!! We got antsy and decided to make the Newcastle Cardigan available a day early :)

Susan Partlan (@susanpartlan) said:

Very exciting! Geoff looks great in the cardigan and he did a very nice job on those buttons.

Andrea said:

You have no idea ow much I’m looking forward to the release of your patterns. I knitted my husband a shawl collared sweater a couple of years ago and am itching to sew the Newcastle Cardigan for him. Plus, I love the fact that you are a fellow Canadian – yay!

MadeByMeg said:

Wow he sewed on his own buttons! Time to put my manto work!

ThreadTheory said:

Perfect timing! My husband wears it on those Spring days when it’s just a bit too chilly for a t-shirt :)

ThreadTheory said:

Knitted?! You have way more patience than I do! I’m excited to see your version of the Newcastle :)

ThreadTheory said:

Thanks Katie! It’s my pleasure, especially since I get to sew it all for my husband too!

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