fall-menswear-fabrics-14-of-16 Are you ready to layer up against the chill of Fall?  We are!  I've freshly stocked our shop with another mini-collection of fabrics.  The summer collection was a big hit with many of you.  We sold out of a few of the Hemp/Organic cottons quickly, re-ordered, and then promptly sold out again!  Sorry to those of you who tried to order some for yourself when we were already out of stock (we still have the grey plain and striped versions though!).  I hope to bring in the same fabrics next Summer if they are still available.fall-menswear-fabrics-4-of-16 While the Summer collection was all about breezy shirting options, our Fall collection has been designed for cozy layering.  Whether you hope to create a comfortable base layer or high-tech outerwear, this collection has you covered.  Let me introduce these possibilities to you: fall-menswear-fabrics-16-of-16

Your Base Layer Options:

As an enthusiastic skier (we live in the same town as a world class ski hill!), I appreciate the comfort of Merino wool as a base layer.  We have stocked ultrafine 100% Merino in two gorgeous colors: Moroccan Blue... fall-menswear-fabrics-20-of-12 ...and Heathered Charcoal.fall-menswear-fabrics-22-of-12 This luxurious fabric is ideal for Comox Trunks (you could lengthen the legs to make long johns as many customers have successfully done!) or a Strathcona Tee (either long sleeve or short sleeve).  Merino wool wicks away moisture to keep your skin dry and comfortable when you are sweating.  It allows you to stay warm in cold environments and cool in warm environments.  It is the perfect choice for hiking and skiing.

Your Second Layer:

Depending on your lifestyle and sewing plans, you might like to wear your Merino base layer underneath something sporty or something dressy.  I included both options in the Fall Collection!  Layer up with more Merino by sewing a light but very cozy long sleeve top or sweater out of the Merino blend double knit. fall-menswear-fabrics-21-of-12 This thicker fabric is also available in Moroccan Blue or Heathered Charcoal so that you can mix and match with it's lighter 100% Merino counterpart.  This fabric is light enough to be worn as a long sleeve Strathcona Henley but could also be sewn into a thin yet cozy Finlayson Sweater.  The black poly-blend backing is extremely silky and soft so it will be comfortable against the skin and will not cling or catch if you are wearing a base layer (I hate when two layers of fabric cling together and make me feel claustrophobic!). fall-menswear-fabrics-23-of-12 If you want to sew a dressier Fall piece, you might like to take a look at the Buffalo Check Shirting that I added to this collection.  It is the same delicious 100% brushed cotton that we have carried in our shop in red and black.  The red and black is no longer available from my supplier (it sold out quickly at the warehouse but we still have a few meters available in our shop!) and I suspect I will not be able to re-order these versions either.   We've stocked classic black and white... fall-menswear-fabrics-30-of-12 ...and blue and white. fall-menswear-fabrics-31-of-12 I'm pleased I managed to snag them for the Fall collection because I am loving how this fabric washes - it looks like new even after it has been washed aggressively which makes it a perfect fabric to create a Fall workshirt that you wear over everything.  It would be a nice Fairfield Button-up or maybe a Hot Patterns Workshirt.

Your Outer Layer:

I'm really excited about this last section!  I've included something called Dintex in our Fall collection.  This is a waterproof and windproof fabric (which is awesome) but, even better, it is also a breathable fabric.  When it is sewn into a jacket it will protect you from the elements and will not cause you to sweat!  Being from Vancouver Island, where hiking and ski jackets are our every day outerwear, I was thrilled when I found this high tech fabric!  My mind immediately conjured up all sorts of home sewn variations of incredibly expensive store bought active wear...and, crazily enough, this fabric is actually quite affordably priced! fall-menswear-fabrics-25-of-12 I've stocked it in a classic navy, a sedate charcoal grey, and a fun, full-on-Fall pumpkin orange.  Matt has requested a Hot Patterns Windcheater in the pumpkin color-way! fall-menswear-fabrics-26-of-12 Dintex fabric is comprised of three layers: A poly/spandex right side (it has a bit of stretch!), a 100% poly mesh wrong side (which doesn't need a lining), and a polyurethane middle layer (which is the high tech waterproof and breathable part). fall-menswear-fabrics-29-of-12 I can't wait to get sewing with these fabrics!  As always, please don't be shy: Email me at info@threadtheory.ca or leave comments if you have any fabric requests for future seasonal collections!  I decided to stock the merino fabrics based on a comment left on a past blog post (thanks for the great idea, Marion!). Happy Fall sewing, hiking, and leaf kicking!  Check out all the fabrics in our shop > fall-menswear-fabrics-13-of-16
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Francesca a said:

My blue merino is beautiful – excellent quality – probably the nicest piece of merino knit I’ve bought, and I’ve bought quite a lot in my time! Going to make me a lovely Moneta or perhaps a batwing sleeve dress:)

Marion said:

Lol, I remember that when you asked for ideas on the fall collection, I said I was deep in projects and the only fabric that would entice me to pull out the plastic was a nice Merino, sigh!! Roll on to yesterday, my husband and I were driving back from a mini- vacation hiking in the CB Highlands, I was commenting on a fall of personal austerity having purchased a new sewing machine ( to be fair the old one was dead and a sewing machine is an appliance akin to a stove or fridge around here) and a backlog of sewing projects due to a knee surgery. I had a twinge of destiny when I saw the teaser last night, pegged the shirting ( have enough in the queue) paused at what looked like outerwear ( hum… tugging but knew I could resist …for now) . Today I opened the site with trepidation and anticipation …. and Merino is heading my way!!!! A mushroom might have also slipped into the order ( I have a hard time resisting adding to my Wray Parsons collection) I really appreciate having a quality menswear venue keep up the good work.

Theresa in Tucson said:

Oh, heavens, that pumpkin fabric is gorgeous! But I don’t need any more fabric in the stash so I will cheer on the sidelines while it disappears, and it will sell out fast.

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ThreadTheory said:

I’m so glad you’re happy with the merino Francesca! I’m sure your dress will be gorgeous!

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