liebsterblogaward Thank you to Anne of CherryPix for my very first blogger award!  It was so nice of her to think of me and the questions she sent along are great ones!:
  1. Do you mainly wear colours that look great on you or colours that you love? (or are they the same?):  I mostly wear colours that I love because I am drawn to anything earth toned - especially rusty oranges and soft browns.  While some of these colours look nice on me I certainly get more compliments when wearing jewel tones and bright reds.  I try to wear these colours in my accessories as I find them overwhelming and just 'not me' as a whole outfit.
  2. Which pattern have you made the most times?:  I've made McCall's 6044 the most times and love it as a men's shirt pattern for its simplicity (as blogged about and also as photographed previously).
  3. What is your number-one favourite sewing gadget?:  Hmmm, that's a tough one because I love so many of them for their specific purposes!  A couple that I love for sentimental reasons are my two pin cushions - one bought for me by my Nonnie and Grandpa while in England and the other carefully quilted for me by my husband's grandma this last Christmas.  I LOVE my Reliable industrial sewing machine (it's living up to it's cheesy brand name) because, as people who are around while I'm sewing know, when my sewing machine lets me down my patience vacates the premises (as should anyone who isn't prepared to hear me have a temper tantrum!).  Lastly, similar to Oona's blog post from several weeks ago, I love my clover chalk tool and cart it with me back and forth between home and school so I will never have to face the disastrous moment when I find myself without it.
  4. What did you think you were going to work as, when you left school?:  When I left high school I dreamed of being a journalist exposing all the wrongs in the world.  When I left university I was torn between becoming some sort of historian with my BA in History or moving into the sciences to become a Speech Language Pathologist...after a year of being in flux I decided to follow the old adage, "Do what you love, love what you do" and here I am turning my hobby of sewing into a career (I hope!).
  5. Which are you more into: Pattern Review or BurdaStyle Website?: I frequently check BurdaStyle and have been doing so since 2008.  I love the constant stream of inspiring projects and find used to really enjoy the sites commitment to developing copyright free patterns.  These days I am becoming more intrigued with pattern review but haven't yet added that to my list of daily list of sewing sites to check...though I am on their mailing list and so keep fairly up to date that way.
  6. What’s your ideal evening out?:  My ideal evening out is mostly an evening in with the addition of a late night photo walk.  My husband and I like doing a weekly pizza night where we make pizzas from scratch and experiment with crazy toppings, bake them on our pizza stone, watch a movie and sometimes head out into the darkness with Matt's film camera and tripod to experiment with long exposure photography around the city - so much fun!
  7. Which sewing reference book do you use most often?: I don't often refer to sewing books but will check several articles in my Threads magazine collection quite regularly (especially the ones on threading and using a serger).  Also, I am constantly using Colette Pattern's awesome tutorial section.  YouTube is also a great sewing friend :).
  8. Are you a pattern tracer or a pattern cutter (ie: just cut the pattern pieces you need straight from the tissue)?:  These days I'm a pattern tracer for sure...every day at school and in the evenings I spend hours tracing all the sizes of the patterns I'm developing...sigh, sometimes I miss those days of cutting into the Big 4 sewing patterns recklessly disregarding the potential need for any size except my own!  I'm not sure I could ever go back to that though!
  9. What’s at the top of your reading pile?  I'm just starting The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor might prove to be too heavy, but I'll try my best!
  10. Public speaking or public singing (solo) – which scares you the most?:  Eeeek!  Both scare me a lot but I think public singing would be the worst because I've never had to do it but have had to do quite a bit of public speaking over the years in school.
  11. Which of your own sewing creations are you most pleased with? (include a pic or link, if possible): Right now I'm enormously pleased with the first sample of the Newcastle Cardigan.  I also really love my olive linen shirt and wear that as often as is acceptable (or maybe even a little too often!).  There aren't many projects that I'm 100% happy with but those two are fairly close.Beacon Hill Shoot-7
front_edited_large Below are the bloggers I've chosen to pass the Liebster Award on to - I tried to stick to blogs with less than 200 followers but I am doubtful that a few of these actually fit that category - they deserve the award nonetheless! 1. In House Patterns: Written by a fellow Victorian pattern company owner who is also my patternmaking instructor! 2. Victory Patterns: I'm doubtful that there are less than 200 followers enjoying this blog, but since I couldn't find a number I thought I'd include it anyways - great company, great website, great blog! 3. Make My Pattern: Operates as both a blog and a pattern company - worth checking out to explore an intriguing conbination of technology and patternmaking. 4. Made By Meg:  Great blog!  Ton's of inspiring projects and ideas :)  Lately, she's been doing some great menswear sewing among many other things. 5. Creatively Motivated: A blog written by two crafty people with lots of great sewing content. 6. The Makehouse:  A blog attached to the most adorable local business in Victoria - a sewing studio on my favorite street in town that offers all sorts of classes as well as machine rental and studio space. 7. Salme Sewing Patterns Blog:  A very pretty and clean looking blog with lots of tutorials using clear photos and illustrations - goes along nicely with an equally beautiful pattern store! 8. Disparate Disciplines: A new pattern company that just successfully completed a kickstarter campaign - congratulations and good luck! 9. Stitch Parade: Another blog that probably has more than 200 followers...but since she just posted a beautiful selection of photos featuring Tofino, B.C. and her new knitted sweater I couldn't resist. 10. The Maker's Journal: A very pretty blog attached to the Etsy pattern company.  I like her Frida skirt! 11. Simple Things: Kimberly Gladman's blog to accompany her pattern store that is chock full with adorably photographed patterns. Lastly, here are the questions of the chosen bloggers to answer (if they have the time and would like to!):

1. If you could choose anything (absolutely anything!) as a career, what would it be?

2. What garment would you most like to add to your wardrobe?

3.  Where do you like to shop for fabric?

4. What movie most inspires you to sew?

5. What are three key things that you would add to your dream sewing studio?

6. Are you a PDF or a paper pattern person?  Why do you prefer one over the other?

7.  Other than sewing, what most preoccupies your time?

8. What type of garment interests you the most as a sewing project: Something that highlights an unusual fabric or something with a basic fabric and unusual details?

9. Do you have sewing buddies?  If so, who/what are they (friends - in person/online, pets, family)?

10.  Do you have sewers in your family history?  What type of projects did they mostly sew?

11. If you could pick any new subject to spend a year learning, what would it be?

Check out the blogs I've listed if you have a chance, there are some interesting and admirable people and businesses behind them!

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Andrea said:

Thank you for the kind award. I hadn’t yet heard of your upcoming pattern line and find myself admiring each pattern and dreaming of what fun fabrics I will use to make them for my husband. You have certainly tapped into a nice niche market with your new patterns and I wish you all the best in this new business. I’ll be sure to check back in for updates :)

MadeByMeg said:

Hi! I finally rounded up all my favorite blogs and have posted my response!

It’s such a fun way to introduce people to all the small-time blogs we love to follow! Thanks for the nomination :)

CM has been nominated for the Liebster Award! | Creatively Motivated's Blog said:

[…] Threadtheory has nominated this blog for the Liebster Award.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  I graciously accept. […]

ThreadTheory said:

:) I’m looking forward to the Newcastle release too! I’ll be posting a progress update blog on Friday…I can’t wait to get the pattern out to the next batch of testers!

ThreadTheory said:

Hi Andrea,
I’m glad you like the patterns! I look forward to checking out your versions in the future! :)

CherryPix said:

So much fun to read your answers! Pizza night at your place sounds very creative! Looking forward to the Newcastle’s release ! (No pressure… :-)

Kimberly said:

Thanks for the award. I am just seeing this now….and glad I came across this! I now have some great blogging matieral!

ThreadTheory said:

No problem – what an in-depth post you made :) I’m impressed by how many sewing bloggers you keep tabs on! I checked out your Mexico blog – excellent writing and some interesting posts analyzing social order.

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