IMGP3167 Gift your sweetie some hand-made unmentionables this Valentine's Day!IMGP3169 The Comox Trunks sewing pattern and supplies kits are 25% off until February 14th.  These trunks only take a couple of hours to sew so you can still make at least one pair before the big day! Resized-1 * Note that the PDF, paper patterns and kits are all on sale.  The PDF is an instant download so you will have plenty of time to sew your shorts before Valentine's Day.  On the other hand, you likely won't receive your paper pattern or kit by Valentine's Day (though late Valentine's lingerie is better than no lingerie!).
February 10, 2015 — 33363409


tworandomwords said:

Hmm, I wonder if I have enough fabric to make me and Mr. Guy matching undies for valentines day…

Tammy said:

What a great idea!

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