Happy Friday!  This post is going to be a little bit of an update on all sorts of things...our sew-along, an elastic shopping resource, and a look at what's on my sewing table right now! First off, remember to submit your entry to our Comox Trunks sew-along contest by May 5th for a chance to win this awesome kit of everything you need to sew an underwear drawer full of trunks!  You still have time (especially since it only takes a couple hours to sew these bad boys and the PDF download is instant.IMGP7128 Next on the agenda is something to further inspire you to sew those Comox Trunks: A source for awesome elastic!  I have noticed a lot of people mentioning that they have struggled to find nice elastics to add to their Comox Trunks.  Some people have even resorted to re-using elastic from old store bought trunks (an awesome idea but sometimes that's the part that wears out first on underwear so that idea may or may not help you out...).  If you can't find elastic locally, never fear, there are great online options!  And shipping is quite cheap too because elastic is so light and makes for a very small parcel. One of our stockists, Mrs. Bao recently let us know that they have just added a whole selection of Comox Trunk worthy elastics to their shop.  Just have a look at these interesting options - all are a far cry from boring white or black! 300-1516-thickbox 653-1607-thickbox 657-1621-thickbox 657-1624-thickbox 658-1626-thickbox All photos link to the product so just click on them to check out more information.  I'm thrilled by the width of these elastics, the quality of the photos (it is easy to see that they all look to be quite soft and appropriate for underwear) and the reasonable prices (both for the elastic and shipping).  Even with shipping, most of these elastics are still cheaper than I would pay at my local fabric store! Okay, now lets move on to the final update of the day - here is what is on my sewing agenda for Sewing Indie Month! I'm providing a tutorial for Tilly and the Buttons later this month so I've been busily searching for inspriration and sewing her Coco pattern. Coco_main_large I mentioned and showed you photos of my first version in yesterday's blog post: Resized-131 I've got two more in the works which are inspired by Antrhopologie tops.  Aren't these pretty? anthropologie2anthropologie1 My tutorial will be posted on Tilly's blog on May 19th, but in the meantime you can look forward to a tutorial by Mari, from Seamster, on this blog.  It will be posted on May 7th...not long now! Have a lovely weekend everyone - hopefully at least part of it will be spent sewing some Comox Trunks!



ThreadTheory said:

Gorgeous, isn’t it? Looks like she only has 20 yards of it so hopefully it isn’t calling too loudly to too many other sewists! :P


tbednarick said:

Any other sources for elastic? Mrs. Bao seems to be closed. I’ve ordered so many samples, but nothing is very soft.


ThreadTheory said:

I’m quite sad that Mrs. Bao is now closed :(. Here are a couple more resources for you! I have found the most variety of widths and colors is on Etsy. These are both Etsy stores and the first link has quite a selection of plush elastics. These might be more to your preference if you are looking for an elastic that is very soft:



Good luck! And happy sewing!


dressingtherole said:

Thanks for this! I’ve been searching for good elastic, and hadn’t found any exciting options yet, so this is wonderful! And I can’t wait for your Coco tutorial – it’s one of my favorite patterns!


ThreadTheory said:

No problem! I’m glad you like these options :)

B & the Moon

B & the Moon said:

Rarely does one covet elastic, but that yellow, black and white beauty is calling to me!

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