[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1011,1010,1009,1008"] The third test sewer for the Jedediah Pants, Meg of Made by Meg, has posted about her finished pants over at her blog - and she's hosting a giveaway!  If you would like a chance to receive a free copy of the Jedediah pants, go to her blog post and leave a comment...and while you're at it, check out all her great photos and a review of the pattern. Meg's pants look excellent on her boyfriend and she has some adjustments planned for her next versions to make them even more custom.  I love how she has personalized this pair by adding musical instrument themed pocket lining.  She very thoughtfully placed the lining so that the instruments face the wearer when they are putting them on rather than being hidden inside the pockets. So... Meg has created secretly musical pants and I've been adding vintage handkerchiefs as binding to my versions (the insides remind me of a summer picnic when they're finished!)...what custom touches will you add to your Jedediah shorts?
August 05, 2013 — 33363409


Red Point Tailor said:

Musical pants – I have to check it :-)

ThreadTheory said:

That’s awesome! Have fun sewing them :)

elegantitus said:

I couldn’t help it! I had to buy this RIGHT NOW! I am so in love with these pants it’s killing me!

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