lazo-trousers-for-christmas-3 Merry Christmas!  I hope that the next few days find you surrounded by loved ones and in good health.  I am about to begin my holidays (I will be back to blogging in the first week of January) so I wanted to sign off with a fun 'editorial' style shoot of my Mom and I decked out for Christmas in Lazo Trousers. lazo-trousers-for-christmas-14 The purpose of the shoot isn't to show you the trouser design details (since I have been overwhelming you with posts about the particulars of the pattern!).  These photos are meant to give you a glimpse of the Lazos in action!  We both chose to style our Lazos the way we would wear them to Christmas dinner.  My mom's pair is made out of a synthetic fabric that was terrible to work with (loads of static and it frayed like crazy!).  I like how it has a bit of body though and does not wrinkle also doesn't press easily :S.  My pair are made out of the beautiful tencel I was telling you about from Blackbird Fabrics.  They are VERY comfortable but perhaps turned out a bit big because my weight has been fluctuating lately and I thought I was ready to size up (only to fluctuate back down by the time the trousers were finished).  I am usually a size 2 but sewed a size 4 this time.  As a result, they sit about 1-2" lower on my waist than intended and perhaps look quite casual because of this. lazo-trousers-for-christmas-10I paired my Lazos with a cozy angora sweater and, as per normal, tucked my sweater in.  I like to emphasise my waist (and wear heels) when dressing up because doing so makes my legs feel a bit longer.  My Mom wore a flowing silk blouse and vest over her Lazos because she never tucks her blouses in.  I think the tapered legs pair nicely with a loose top and long vest. lazo-trousers-for-christmas-1 My Dad and my parent's dog, Jake, joined us for the photo shoot (and Matt was behind the camera, of course).  It ended up being a bit of a family portrait session!  We can't help ourselves at Christmas: We hammed it up and embraced the cheesiness by attempting to create a continuous loop of Christmas crackers.  Jake was trying to help: lazo-trousers-for-christmas-4 It was difficult, but in the end, we managed :P  You might notice my Dad is wearing his buffalo check Fairfield shirt...he reports that he wears it very often.  In fact, he wears a t-shirt under it so that he doesn't have to put it in the wash daily and thus can wear it more!  So there you go - we are a family of red handmade clothing this Christmas (unintentionally matchy-matchy but I kind of like it!). lazo-trousers-for-christmas-5 I'll leave you with one last photo to round off 2016...Jake! lazo-trousers-for-christmas-2 Happy holidays!  May the new year bring many great projects for you (and us!).  Thank you for giving us such a stable, fruitful, and connected year!  We look forward to many more like it.
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Jeff Laskowski said:

Nice casual ensembles! You look great. The english though …….

Jeff Laskowski said:

I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to be critical but sometimes prose just gets the best of me. I love the slacks. They look fantastic. Merry Christmas!

ThreadTheory said:

Tencel is most comparable to standard cotton or viscose based rayon fabric (it is actually a form of rayon that uses a similar manufacturing process) but I find it is generally less prone to wrinkling, heavier (considering it is quite thin), and WAY more rugged. You don’t have to treat it carefully as you would rayon – it can be machine washed. It is more environmentally friendly than standard rayon because it is made from wood pulp (also called Lyocell fibres). The last time I was there (ages ago) Gala had some beautiful tencel choices!

ThreadTheory said:

Does my post feature some grammatical errors? Please let me know so I can correct them!

PsychicKathleen said:

Happy Holidays and to you and your family! Lovely family shots – love your pants! I need to take a trip to Gala here in Victoria and feel my way through “tencel” because I’m honestly not sure what it feels like – canvas? denim? thick? I think your lazos would be lovely in a “fancy” denim too :) The fun thing about taking lots of pics every Christmas is that in time you have years and years of photos taken at the same time of year. They will always be fun to look through :)

Lightning McStitch said:

Love that last group shot. Matchy matchy cheesy handmade Christmas photos take the cake, and when they’re your own patterns, doubley so!

Marion said:

Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

Linda of Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!! said:

Merry Christmas to you and your family too! What a beautiful dog!

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