Happy Friday everyone!  I have a picture to share with you today of my uncle in the pair of Jutlands that I made for him during our Jutland Sew-Along. Uncle Gary - edited I haven't seen these pants on him in person as he lives a province away but he reports that they are so comfortable that he didn't even bother bringing his old favorite pants on a trip to their skiing cabin - the Jutlands sufficed!  He reports that the lining is very cozy and is great protection from the mountain-top weather.


Joyce Hamilton

Joyce Hamilton said:

Where do you find nice flannel for lining pants?


misscrayolacreepy said:

You are a very nice niece!!


ThreadTheory said:

Hi Joyce, Sorry for the slow reply to you! I found flannel at my local Fabricland – they had a really nice selection of plaids this winter. Here are a few potential sources for you though!


Cristina Ford

Cristina Ford said:

Those look fantastic! Did you just cut the pattern based on a set of measurements he sent you? How many sizes up did you go to allow for the fleece lining?


ThreadTheory said:

My Uncle sent me the waist and inseam measurements that he uses when he purchases RTW pants. I chose his size based on these but I also had a little extra information due to the fact that he had tried my dad’s lined size 34 Jutlands on when he was visiting shortly before Christmas and he liked the fit. Instead of going up a full size to accommodate for the thick lining I simply sew all seams near the waistband (from the hips upwards with a slightly smaller seam allowance – about 1/2" instead of 5/8"). This seemed to work well to provide just a little bit of extra room. Oops! And I just realized that I wrote ‘fleece’ instead of ‘flannel’ – oh dear! The lining is actually a thick and cozy flannel – I often accidentally interchange these words when referring to these two very different fabrics. Sorry for the confusion!

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