Breton Top Sewing Pattern Here are the Breton tops that I promised to show you!  They were sewn using the Hot Patterns Weekender Breton T pattern that we added to our shop on Tuesday. Menswear Patterns-2 The pattern includes two sets of pieces - one in women's sizes and one in men's sizes.  I sewed both of these in a size Medium from each size range.    The women's version features shaping at the neckline and 3/4 sleeves (I lengthened the sleeves to be full length).  The men's version is a straight, boxy fit.  Both of the patterns include the slightly scooped classic Breton neckline. I sewed the men's top using our Canadian made interlock fabric and the women's top using a rayon knit with considerable drape that I found at my local fabric shop.  I am always on the look out for navy and white stripes but have yet to find a Breton Stripe (or any stripe) that is nice for menswear.  They all seem to include spandex or too much drape.  If I ever do, I will certainly add it to the fabrics that we carry in our shop! Breton Top Sewing Pattern-2 I really like how this neckline sews together on this pattern!  Self binding is sewn to the front neckline first.  Next, the front and back of the shirt, along with a long strip of self binding, are sandwiched together so that the shoulder seams and binding is attached in one go!  After the seam is sewn, the binding folds over the shoulder seam allowances and back neckline seam allowance to create a very tidy interior and clean exterior.  I haven't tried this type of neckline finish before but am now a big fan!  I didn't get any photos of the inside of the shirt because I gave them to my models (Matt's brother and his wife).  Darn! The instructions include an error in the order that you must sandwich the layers together but I have included a note within each pattern to explain how I think you should sew it!  Here is the note that I include: Weekender Breton Tee - Revised instructions Breton Top Sewing Pattern-3 This was Mike and Sonia's first foray into modelling (I didn't really give them an option!).  They are avid sailors and just got home from sailing to Hawaii in the Vic-Maui race!  When I saw this very nautical pattern I thought of them.  I considered sewing these tops as a wedding gift for them (they got married just before they left on their sailing trip) but thought that a wedding gift that comes with strings attached (an unpaid modelling gig) isn't much of a gift. :P  They seemed to enjoy hamming it up for a few minutes though: Breton Top Sewing Pattern-4 These were an extremely quick sew.  The dropped shoulder and very gently curved sleeve cap make sewing the sleeves extremely simple and fast.  Each pattern includes only three pattern pieces plus binding.  They made for an excellent summer project (fast enough to sew up in an hour or two so you can wear them that day at the beach or on the boat!). For more info on this pattern, check out the description on our website!  
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corruptcanadian said:

These are nice shirts and I always like when men are included for sewing and patterns. However, the $20 price tag for a simple pattern is a bit ridiculous.

ThreadTheory said:

Hi Shmuel! I’ve added the revision note to this blog post so you can view what I have to say. I hope it helps you out :)

Shmuel Arom said:


I have this pattern (ordered it from hot patterns long time ago…). Could you please send me the note that fixes the error that you mention ?

If you will do some sew alongs to these patterns, it would be great. I have sewn some of your Henley T-shits (with long sleeves), and they are great. I used a different method of sewing than yours, as I took this pattern to a meanswear sewing course, instead of the pattern that they offered.

Take Care, Shmuel

Sew Happy said:

I have other patterns to try. I might have add this one. Happy Creating

Annie said:

Interesting! I have made the Mandy boat tee and variations a couple of times and really like the results but never been that happy with the neckline finish. I may have to try this.

ThreadTheory said:

Thanks for your feedback! The following info is not meant to change your mind on what you feel is an affordable cost for a printed pattern (everyone sews with a different budget and different intentions), I just wanted to give a bit of background on how pricing is chosen: The price is chosen for our shop based on Hot Patterns current retail pricing (we have converted prices to Canadian Dollars based on the exchange rate when we purchased these patterns). Hot Patterns is a small independent company that prints their own patterns in house. I would imagine that printing costs are a big factor in their pricing as they are for us! It is interesting that our Strathcona Henley is actually (coincidentally) priced the same as this t-shirt pattern!

ThreadTheory said:

Good question! I don’t have the yardage on our website but here is what is written on the pattern envelope: “All sizes for both versions need around 2 yards/1.83m of 60”/150cm wide fabric; yes, you’ll have some waste but we suggest you allow this to enable you to match your stripes." I used less than 1.5m for both my variations since I didn’t have stripes to match for the men’s version and my stripes were fairly narrow (and I didn’t fuss over matching them) for the women’s version. I’d still recommend going with the suggested 1.83m though because it is always better to be safe than sorry! :)

lcadzow said:

Is there a place to find (on-line) the yardage requirements for this pattern? The pattern is on its way to me, but I am on a tight time line and would go buy fabric in advance if I knew the correct amount. Thanks in advance.

ThreadTheory said:

I’ve added my revisions to the instructions to this blog post so you can have a look at how this technique works! To finish the neckline after this step you fold the binding over the shoulder seam allowances and to the wrong side of the back neckline. You then topstitch the binding in place. Happy sewing!

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