Otter-Wax-New-12 Blog  The Otter Wax bars that we carry in the 'Supplies' section of our shop are constantly on the verge of selling out - so, with our most recent order from Portland, Oregon, we decided to branch out and add a new Otter Wax bar to our inventory!  We now stock both the regular size of Otter Wax and the new-to-us large Otter Wax bar. Otter-Wax-New-13 Blog If you are interested in waxing large projects such as a pair of Ginger Jeans or a Cascade Duffle Coat, the large Otter Wax bar, weighing in at 5 oz, is the bar for you!  To give you an indication of how much you can wax with this new, larger bar, I have thoroughly waxed a pair of Jutland Pants for Matt using two regular Otter Wax bars (and had a little nugget of wax left over ready for touch ups).  Since the large Otter Wax bar weighs just over double the regular bar, you should easily be able to wax a pair of jeans with a single bar!  If you are planning to wax a smaller project (shoes, for instance), the regular size bar will still be your best choice - you will be able to wax two to three pairs of shoes with a single regular bar. Otter-Wax-New-11 Blog  
  Waxed-Jutlands-11 In case you have been wondering, here is a bit of an update on how Matt's Otter Waxed Jutland Pants (originally posted here) are faring.  With all the early Spring rains we've been having lately, Matt has been getting a lot of wear out of them.  Despite walking our dog, Luki, through many mud puddles, splitting wood, going on a number of hikes, and generally wearing the Jutlands like a second skin, Matt's pants still look like new. Waxed-Jutlands-13 The dirt that he invariably covers them with on each outing brushes off on it's own.  Apparently a quick once-over with a stiff bristled brush will remove any stubborn mud from Otter Waxed fabric but, as of yet, we have not needed to do this as the mud sloughs off on its own.  The way it self cleans like this kind of reminds me of a dog's coat - as the mud dries the fur switches from a muddy/sandy mess to a nice clean coat - though I couldn't say the same for the floor around the dog!  Because we haven't needed to hand wash the pants yet, there has been no need to touch them up with a light coat of wax.  I imagine, over time, it might be a good idea to re-coat the hems and possibly the fly area as these are the sections of the pants that receive the most wear. Waxed-Jutlands-6 Matt finds his waxed pants very comfortable to wear because they are heavier and warmer than nylon rain pants and, of course, don't make an annoying swishing sound as he walks (as rain pants are prone to do).  They also dress up nicely and he has received compliments on his 'trendy' and 'stylish' waxed pants in more posh atmospheres (which is pretty funny since I am used to thinking of them as his rugged work pants and chide him for refusing to dress up when going out for dinner!).  As he's worn the pants, the wax has sunk further into the weave of the fabric and so they feel softer than they originally did when I waxed them just over two months ago. Waxed-Jutlands-12 They don't bead the water quite as much as they did when they were originally waxed but, like I said, the wax is still very effectively protecting the fabric and, despite the lack of beading, Matt reports that they keep him dry quite a bit longer than un-waxed canvas pants or jeans do when he is walking in the rain. Waxed-Jutlands-17 This Spring I have plans to use Otter Wax on a number of new projects - some that involve sewing and some that feature existing clothing.  I'd like to wax a ball cap for my Dad and some Carhartt coveralls for Matt (they were pretty expensive so waxing them should help them last longer).  For myself, I plan to wax the black denim Ginger Jeans that I've had in progress for quite some time now! In the meantime, here is a bit of waxing inspiration:
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LK said:

Thank you!

Raquel from JC said:

I waxed a backpack for my daughter and she loves it! The wax is perfectly cured and integrated with the fabric. I sewed the backpack and waxed each piece individually. I really like this product, I use it also to wax my thread when I’m hand sewing.
The pants look great! They sure are loved!

ThreadTheory said:

In my experience, once the wax has really cured it won’t leave residue on anything that it rubs against. The wax on Matt’s pants, for instance, doesn’t rub off on to furniture – proof of this is that he can sit on our highly varnished wood piano bench for a while without leaving any sort of mark on the varnish. I wonder if hot climates would cause the wax to melt slightly and rub on to things but I doubt it since the heat caused by the body while sitting on furniture has not had this effect! Keep in mind that the waxed fabric will be slightly tacky and will likely rub off on things a little until it is fully cured and worked into the fabric. The waxed bag/garment will be usable after 24-48 hours but might still be a touch tacky for a few days. I haven’t yet waxed a back pack myself but I don’t see any reason why the wax would react differently than it would on Matt’s pants or the dopp kits I have made :).

LK said:

If you wax a bag, like a backpack, does it leave any residue on your clothes where the bag sits on the body?

Natural Fabric and Leather Care | Thread Theory said:

[…] Cleaner.  This is a very gentle cleaner that can be used to wash waxed items (such as jeans or Matt’s waxed Jutland Pants) by hand in cold water without stripping off the wax.  So far, I’ve washed Matt’s […]

The comfiest jeans ever! | Thread Theory said:

[…] enough for this pair of pants (I bet I’ll have enough left over for a dopp kit or to touch up Matt’s waxed Jutlands).  I’ll show you the ‘after’ photos once they are […]

Raquel from JC said:

Yes. I waxed each piece before sewing (be careful not to stretch the fabric). I did not have any residue in my sewing machine because I didn’t wax the seam allowances. I also ironed each piece after waxing (low temp and a cloth between fabric and iron table) to ensure the wax melted into the fabric. I cleaned my iron afterwards, but it was fairly clean.

LK said:

You waxed before you sewed?

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