Jutlands-1 I've been dropping many hints but haven't given you a specific date - well the day is here!  We have a new pattern to show you! Resized-1 Meet the Jutland Pants.  These pants are the alter-ego of our Jedediah Pants.  They are relaxed, straight legged pants with curved front pockets and back darts.  They include all sorts of beautiful, high end finishing techniques, just like the techniques you've learned when sewing the Jedediah Pants! Jutlands-2 These pants feature flat fell seams, french seamed front pockets, a bound waistband, and a practical front fly. pocket topstitching They are designed to be extremely rugged pants that can be made to suit all sorts of demanding uses - be it climbing mountains or working on a construction site. Resized-8 This pattern includes two variations with all sorts of mix and matching possibilities. close up of welts 2 Variation 1 features single welt back pockets (complete with extremely thorough illustrated instructions and a photographed tutorial that is up on our website!).  This variation would look great as every-day trousers. Jutlands-3 The welt pockets make them a touch dressy, while the curved front pockets are similar to those of familiar jeans. Resized-2 Variation 2 includes easy patch pockets, reinforced knees, reinforced hems, and slim cargo pockets. Resized-6 These design details, paired with purpose driven material choices (think heavy cotton canvas for construction pants or waterproof ripstop for hiking pants) could be used to create a wardrobe full of pants catered towards your lifestyle.  Just pick the pocket and reinforcement elements that are suited to your needs to create all manner of pant styles! Resized-9 A separate PDF file includes lining pieces that can be used for either variation.  Line these pants with cozy flannel or breathable mesh depending on your intended pants use.  If you don't want to line your pants, don't print the Lining file and trees will be saved!  We've also split the Variation design elements into separate files so you can print these pants using as little paper as possible (thanks for the great suggestion test sewers!). For those of you just about to head into summer, these pants are REALLY easy to make into shorts.  Because they aren't very tapered, just slice the pattern at your desired hem length - wherever that may be along the straight leg (note that our instructions don't include this as a variation...but trust me, it's easy!  Here are some Jutland Shorts that I made for Matt last summer: shorts beach scene As with our recent Finlayson Sweater pattern, the Jutland Pants are available as a PDF pattern right now which includes a Print at Home file as well as a Print Shop file.  We’ll be offering this as a tissue pattern in the future but plan to release several of our upcoming patterns as PDFs first before sending them to the printer all at once.  If you plan to buy the tissue pattern in the future but can’t wait to get started on the Jutland Pants, no problem!  When we release the tissue pattern in the future, you will have one week to email us (info@threadtheory.ca) with your PDF order number and will will give you a special discount code for the tissue pattern so that you will end up receiving the PDF for free! Ready to get sewing pants?  Head on over to our online shop to receive the Jutland Pattern 15% off until Nov. 5th!
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MadebyMeg said:

Love it! Great photo shoot, and I looove that pocket detail!

Mary said:

Will there be a sew along Morgan? Please?

Mary said:

I agree Lisette. I have a hubby who (I hope) will fit the 30s,,,but my son is smaller than his Dad. I bought the pattern,,and hopefully my husband will have a pair that fits him (not just hangs like RTW!)

Sarah said:

Excellent! The welt pockets look great in the shorts fabric. Is that linen? Never made a welt pocket before but I’d also never sewn a fly before the Jedediah pants and your walk-through was so great. Looking forward to getting started already!

Lisette said:

I was so excited for these…until I realized that yet again the smallest size you offer is a 30" waist. My boyfriend is a professional carpenter and gets frustrated because companies like Carhartt’s and Dickies don’t offer anything small enough for him. Small guys need hard wearing pants too! You offered smaller sizes on your trunks, cardigan, henley, finlayson and peacoat pattern. Please consider this next time you design pants.

Jelle van der linden said:

Wauw !!! Looks promising !

Kathy Sews said:


Jana said:

Agreed! I managed to size down the Jedediahs so they fit my boyfriend about as well as most ready-to-wear trousers, but they are still not perfect after a toile and two “real” pairs. I love the style of these and will probably get the pattern anyway and tinker with it again—but it would be so much easier to start with a pattern that’s closer to his measurements from the start!
The “hard-wearing” version with the cargo pockets would be perfect for my brother, who is taller and a little heavier than my boyfriend, so I think that he should fit into your sizing. But I wanted to make these for my boyfriend first (who, incidentally, has a birthday coming up that I’ve already bought trouser fabric for)! I might just give him a toile and the trouser fabric and make the final pair when he has tried the toile on and we’ve adjusted the fit.

Melinda said:

These are great! I wanted to say thank you for including sizes that are larger than most men’s patterns. I was just trying to figure out what to get my father for the holidays and now I can make him pants! Thank you for trying to accommodate as many people as possible, which I am sure is no easy task.

thimblenest said:

Awesome! I was hoping the new pattern would be pants like this—I can’t wait to make some for my husband!

Anonymous said:

I loved testing these pants! They are a fabulous make! My husband wears his pair all the time and has already put in a request for more.

Jane said:

They look fabulous!

jennlaing said:

Great pants! Love love the orange version. Is that last picture Goose Spit?

NewRibena said:

These look great!

thenerdyseamstress said:

Sorry, I do have another question. Would this be available in a printed format?

thenerdyseamstress said:

I love these pants. They’re the perfect fit for my fiance. I do have a question, I know you mentioned the fabrics, but do you think it would work with denim fabric? It should, right?

Lalou said:

Amazing !

Corinne said:

These are awesome! Congratulations on the new pattern. :)

Lightning McStitch said:

These look fantastic, and I love your generosity in the PDF now, paper later offer. Thanks in advance of possibly buying both!

ltinuviel said:

I can’t tell you how much love love love these pants! I was searching for nice casual pants for so long, that I gave up.

Joelle St-Laurent said:

excellent! i love love love the photography! especially the orange one, i love that they look worn-in and well-loved. the topstitching on the back pocket is also all kinds of awesome! another great pattern, thanks! (which reminds me i still owe a pair of jeds to my boyfriend)

ThreadTheory said:

You are right – it is difficult to please everyone but we certainly try our best! There are all sorts of factors that limit our size range for now (just one example being: With too many sizes we would have to break the pattern into two separate ‘nests’ of sizes which would greatly increase the cost of printing the tissue patterns). We plan to continue expanding our size range in the future and hope to be able to accommodate all sorts of body shapes and sizes!

ThreadTheory said:

That’s wonderful to hear :). Thanks for your invaluable feedback!

ThreadTheory said:

Yes there will be! Stay tuned to the blog for the announcement next week :) It will be a little different than most of our sew-alongs because we will be focusing most on the more difficult aspects of the pants and will also show you how to do all sorts of customization! I’ll be creating a pair with inserted knee pads, for instance and I am also considering showing how to create a gusset in the crotch area for increased flexibility (great for mountain climbing pants!).

ThreadTheory said:

Yes, the shorts are made from linen from the Fabrics-Store. I used these for the photos of the welts rather than the welts on the canvas pair because I just loved how crisply the linen pressed to make tidy, squared welts :). Good luck with your Jutlands!

ThreadTheory said:

Thanks Meg :)

ThreadTheory said:

Yes! It will be in printed format in the new year. We’ll be offering the tissue pattern at a discounted rate to all customers who purchased the PDF pattern. That way you will essentially receive the PDF pattern for free! All you’ll need to do is email us within a week of the tissue pattern release to receive your discount code (we’ll do a blog post to remind everyone about this!).

ThreadTheory said:

Yes, they would be wonderful in denim! The only limitation is your sewing machine’s ability to handle multiple layers of a heavy fabric. Make sure to test this out before attempting heavy denim pants (especially if you choose Variation 2 which includes quite a number of layers where the reinforced knees and hems meet the side and inseams). I might also avoid the welt pocket as it could prove a little tricky in a heavy material :) The patch pocket would be perfect for denim though!

ThreadTheory said:

I hope that you will be successful sizing down the pattern slightly for your boyfriend, thank you for making do and taking the time to adjust our patterns! Sorry we could not include his size in our current size range! We certainly plan to increase our size range as it becomes possible in the future. There are currently many factors that prevent us increasing our range (the cost of printing becomes prohibitive for instance) but the moment it is possible for us to do so, we will certainly be expanding our range!

ThreadTheory said:

Hi Lisette, I’m so sorry to disappoint on this pattern! It is difficult to please everyone but we certainly try our best! There are all sorts of factors that limit our size range for now, especially for large and complicated patterns such as this one. With the Comox Trunks and Finlayson, we were not limited by the overall size of the pattern layout but with this pattern, we would have to break the pattern into two separate ‘nests’ of sizes if we included any more sizes which would greatly increase the cost of printing and selling the tissue patterns. This is just one example of the limitations we face at the moment due to the super small size of our company. We plan to continue expanding our size range in the future and hope to be able to accommodate all sorts of body shapes and sizes! Thanks for voicing your opinion as it brings the topic of sizing to the forefront of my mind and list of priorities :).

Becca Porter said:

These are great! I especially love the little details like the crossover belt loops and the pocket stitching. Good work! :)

ThreadTheory said:

Thanks Becca! It’s fun putting some creative energy into back pocket topstitching – the possibilities are really endless – thread colour choices, themes, all sorts of machine decorative stitches…all while still looking manly!

ThreadTheory said:

Thanks Corinne :)

ThreadTheory said:

No problem! It only seems fair since we aren’t printing the pattern right away!

ThreadTheory said:

:D I’m so glad you love them!

ThreadTheory said:

The orange pair are REALLY well loved – I made them for my Dad last spring and my Mom had to beg him to put them in the wash once in a while lol.

ThreadTheory said:

Yes it is! Best photo shoot location ever :D

ThreadTheory said:

Thanks Sarah!

Lucy Turner said:

Screw my husband, I’m making these for ME! Although since I’ve actually today got around to buying the fabric for his Jeds, maybe I should make those first. Maybe… Another awesome pattern, thanks!! :)

Mary said:

Thanks Morgan. Looking forward to it.

Sarah - Fabric Tragic said:

Hi Morgan and Matt, congratulations on releasing another fantastically well designed and well thought-through pattern. So impressive to see a cleverly designed and useful garment. Look forward to reading about your variations and add ons.

thenerdyseamstress said:

That’s great news! I don’t know if I just skipped over the last paragraph because it basically answered my questions. Oops! I plan on making version 1, so I don’t think that’s a problem for my machine. I’m excited!

Lisette said:

Ah! That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for explaining! I hope that someday you can make it happen.

ThreadTheory said:

Lol, that’s funny! I hope your husband is patient…it sounds like you might end up with new pants before he does!

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