Open Studio (1 of 8) A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was moving Thread Theory into a new studio space.  Now that I'm all settled in it's time to tell you all about it! Sewing Studio Before (1 of 3) Back track to early January when I had no immediate plans to move Thread Theory out of our home office.  After all, we only just moved in to our home last July!  I had only just finished working out an office set up in our new house! Sewing Studio Before (3 of 3) One day I was checking Facebook and happened to see that my sewing friend and fellow entrepreneur, Nicole, (who owns and operates the Spool Sewing Studio) had found a very affordable second floor studio space right downtown.  She was looking for someone to share the space with her.  I spent about a week daydreaming but not actually intending to act on the idea.  One evening, during our weekly squash game, I asked her if she had found a studio buddy and was, within minutes, swept up by her enthusiasm for the space and agreed to share the rent with her! Open Studio (3 of 8) We spent a few weeks scrubbing, painting, building furniture, and moving everything in to the space.  I occupy one room (it's filled with Thread Theory inventory and my sewing machines) and The Spool Sewing Studio occupies the other.  I have plans to move my computer and other office supplies into the studio this summer but have decided to take the move in phases so that Thread Theory can continue to operate smoothly. We held an open house last weekend and were thrilled to meet a steady stream of sewing enthusiasts throughout the day!  It was so much fun to be in a public atmosphere after three years of operating Thread Theory from the quiet (and sometimes lonely) office in my home. Open Studio (4 of 8) In the photo above you can see Nicole's room compete with a long sewing table, lots of festive banners, a big bright window, a tea centre, and a super helpful 5 year old (Nicole's daughter who is already becoming a talented sewist!). Open Studio (6 of 8) Tea is a real staple at the studio.  While our two businesses operate entirely seperately, the one thing we have agreed to do together is share the cost of a well stocked tea station.  We take turns buying tea from the local tea shop one street over.  Priorities, right?  We also have a big closet space that we've set up with a bar fridge and snack baskets so, aside from tea, we always have a steady supply of chocolate and other snacks. The Spool Sewing Studio classes usually take place in the evenings and on weekends so I am generally alone while working in the studio on weekdays.  Even though no one is working alongside me, it is still much more interactive than working from home - the large window in my space gives me a great view of the town library and all the people coming and going.  Every once in a while someone pops in to say hi or to ask a sewing related question.  Sometimes I see someone that I know walking down the street and can wave to them from our second floor window.  It's so nice to be connected to the community!  I am a complete introvert so I feel comfortable and cozy working from home.  I never feel cabin fever too drastically and sometimes dread leaving my nice quiet space to head out into society :P.  Even though I enjoy working from home, it can sometimes feel too comfortable.  It is much healthier for me to be out in the public engaging with other human beings!  I'm glad the new studio gives me the opportunity to do this.
  I'll show you more photos of my actual space (since most of the ones in this post feature Nicole's side of the studio) in the future...I couldn't share them right now because our inventory shelves are currently laden with secret new items that have yet to be released in our shop!  I don't want to spill the beans!  Until I am able to take photos of my space, I'll leave you with this super cute family photo which Matt snapped while Nicole's husband, Scott, was using the sewing machine for the first time.  He's a talented wood worker and remarked that the process was very much like operating his power tools.  He very quickly got the hang of it and now, one of the batik pendants that adorn the studio space was made by him! Open Studio (8 of 8) If anybody reading this post happens to visit Courtenay, B.C. please feel free to drop by the studio to say hi and have a cup of tea!  We are at #1-345 6th St. Courtenay.  I am at the studio most weekday afternoons but you can always email me at to make sure I will be there.



ThreadTheory said:

That would be lovely! I have since moved studios to the house that we just bought. It is in Comox (1477 Sonora Place). You are very welcome to come for a visit! Just email me at or give me a call at 250-898-9078 if you would like to arrange a time.


liamarcoux said:

How lovely, congratulations! I also work from home (as a freelance illustrator) and when it was the only thing I did, I could get “trapped” inside for a few days at a time (if you love your work, it’s not hard! But also as you mentioned, not the healthiest). This seems like the perfect balance! And I’m excited to see the new surprises! : )

Rose Marie Nin

Rose Marie Nin said:

Where is Courtnay? I’m eager to see more of the studios, as I am about to set up my new space and need some ideas.

On Friday, February 19, 2016, Thread Theory wrote:

> ThreadTheory posted: " A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was moving > Thread Theory into a new studio space. Now that I’m all settled in it’s > time to tell you all about it! Back track to early January when I had no > immediate plans to move Thread Theory out of our home offi" >


ThreadTheory said:

Courtenay is on Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada! We are three hours north of Victoria. I will be posting more photos of the studio in the next month or so :). Have fun setting up and working in your new space!

Harris Tweed Man’s Vest | Thread Theory

Harris Tweed Man’s Vest | Thread Theory said:

[…] recently met an inspiring couple who visited the open house that took place at The Spool and Thread Theory studio.  Jackie was eager to use the buttonhole […]


sewgrandma said:

I will be in Courtney (from Winnipeg ) in October to see my grandkids . I shall stop by for patterns, fabric and tea.


Michelle said:

What a lovely way for two business woman to support each other and share space.

Janet Clark

Janet Clark said:

My plan is to come by next time I visit my brother on Hornby Island! Congratulations! Nicole is awesome.


Tammy said:

Congratulations on your new co-op working space! This looks like a wonderful opportunity to exchange creative ideas and drink tea, of course. I’m excited to learn about your new pattern release.


Donna said:

That’s exciting! So nice to have someone else to share the ups and challenges of running a sewing business. I wish you both success.

Kyle Burkhardt

Kyle Burkhardt said:

How sweet! I think it makes sense too to have your own sewing space at home, and then have a place to go to for work. I am an introvert too and find it hard to interact with society too at times! I love my home and love being a hermit. :)

Linda Cadzow

Linda Cadzow said:

Congratulations! I have often thought about (but never acted on) letting you know how much we like your patterns — me as the sewist and my husband as the beneficiary. So well drafted, excellent instructions, good fitting help. (I have been sewing for 40+ years from prom dresses to backpacks) and find useful, clear guidance in your patterns. Good luck in your next steps and keep sending out new yet classic designs!

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