Beacon Hill Shoot-1 The Newcastle Cardigan has been graded and I sewed up our first proper sample this week!  We've updated the pattern store to include some of the photos and also have them on our facebook page.  The pattern is currently out with the first batch of test sewers and we're looking forward to seeing the results of their work (we'll include their projects on the blog). This isn't going to be a word heavy post as I'd like to let the pictures speak for themselves!  The first set of photos were taken at Beacon Hill Park in Victoria and the cardigan was modeled by Matt.  The second set of photos were taken at The Pacific Design Academy and the cardigan was kindly (and super stylishly!) modeled by Iain Russell of is this Menswear?  Check out his instagram, facebook and tumblr pages for endless photos of amazing menswear inspiration.

Without further ado, here it is - a size small version of the Newcastle Cardigan made up in brown bamboo fleece and stretch suiting as contrast:

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March 15, 2013 — 33363409


Farrell said:

The cardigan and photography are great. I look forward to seeing it in GREEN for St.Pattys!

CherryPix said:

Looks fantastic….I’m trying to convince Mr CP he would look fantastic in this too! …slowly, slowly…

MadeByMeg said:

oh it came out great! i like how you did the contrasting yoke, too.

ThreadTheory said:

Small world :) It’s funny…I always assume sewers with an online presence are living somewhere far away – it’s nice to know that there are a few of us here on the island! Thanks for checking me out through CherryPix’s post!

Jessica W. said:

Love this! Looking forward to the pattern…and you’re in Victoria too! Nice discovery via CherryPix…

ThreadTheory said:

Thanks – and green is coming right up – just bought a wool/acrylic blend in a really nice green- can’t wait to sew it!

ThreadTheory said:

Keep trying :) I have a few more samples lined up in all sorts of fabric combinations so hopefully he’ll see something there that he could imagine himself wearing! I think he’d look great in it!

ThreadTheory said:

Thanks Meg! I just went and bought more fabric today for samples in other sizes and I’m super excited to do the shoulder details in leather as a contrast!

ThreadTheory said:

Thanks for your comment! You may want to take a look at the photos in our Newcastle Cardigan slideshow (follow the link and scroll to the bottom of the gallery of photos to find the slide show) of both sample and customer versions on different sized and shaped people. The shoulders are perhaps slightly too wide for Matt who is wearing the version you see pictured here but I think that the armscye is nicely shaped and have not noticed any pulling in the chest on any of the samples that I have made of both the Strathcona Henley and the Newcastle Cardigan. We haven’t had any sewers commenting on fit issues in this regard so hopefully it is just a trick of the photos that you are noticing!

Robbin Bobbin said:

Hi Thread Theory,
I’m looking at this cardigan, and I really love the idea. I can’t put my finger on it, but the shoulder/armscye seems odd to me. Looks like the shoulders are way off the model, and the armscye seems to angle toward the body somehow. Are these style features unique to your patterns? Even the Henley seems to pull across the chest in the armscye area. Maybe I’m just looking at it funny. Is it me?

ThreadTheory said:

We’re glad you like them! Thanks for the comment!

Hanne Skeide said:

Very nice to see some cool menswear patterns!

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