Farrell-10This week we have three different Newcastle Cardigans to present for your viewing pleasure... #1: The nautically styled Size Large sample very appropriately modeled by a sailor - my dad!  Doesn't it look cozy? Farrell-9 Farrell-6 This was sewn up in a very thick man-made fleece with  a right side that gives the look of a faux knit sweater.  It was difficult to make the placket look crisp and flat with such an overwhelmingly thick material but it should settle a little once it's been washed a few times. Farrell-5 Farrell-4 My dad likes flipping up the collar to protect the back of his neck from the cold ocean breeze - very effective and stylish!  You can see in this picture that I top-stitched the side and sleeve seam allowances down to keep the thick seams from looking too bulky. #2: The next cardigan on display is the finished result of my first test sewer, my grandmother (Nonnie).  She did an absolutely amazing job of precisely testing that seams matched and that the instructions were logically sequenced.  The result of all her effort is an absolutely gorgeous and sporty version sewn in size XS.  Photos on a model will be coming soon! She used the mesh backed micro fleece to it's full advantage by displaying the orange mesh as a contrast under collar.  She also made toggles which look so professional and, when paired with her precise sewing, really make the cardigan look high-end. Wall Shoot-1 Wall Shoot-2 Wall Shoot-3 Wall Shoot-4 The mesh backing on the fabric made interfacing the cardigan plackets and facings impossible but the fabric was stiff enough and her ironing was so careful that the finished garment still appears impeccably crisp.  If this sweater had a tag on it I would expect to see it hanging on the rack of a high end outdoor sports store!  Thank you so much, Nonnie, for creating this unique and well sewn version of the Newcastle! #3: The last cardigan is one you've glimpsed before when modeled by my Granddad.  It's now been photographed on the same hanger as the XS cardigan so that it is easier to compare the difference fabric and notion choices make.  This is the size Medium sewn in a cotton knit with a touch of acrylic and stretch suiting as the contrast.  These fabric choices result in a classic cardigan with more of a 'knitted sweater' appearance as opposed to the sportswear look that fleece and micro fleece lend themselves to.Wall Shoot-5 Wall Shoot-6 Wall Shoot-7 Wall Shoot-8 Stay tuned for the unveiling of the second test sewer's cardigan next week - a size large sewn using fleece with leather as contrast.  This version is really on-trend - she even added dapper leather elbow patches!



CherryPix said:

Love seeing all the different ‘looks’ for the Newcastle!


MadeByMeg said:

oh man i love the contrasting pattern fabric on the one your dad is wearing! so inspired! also, your grandmother is a very precise, old-school sewist, and i love it! wish i were that careful…


ThreadTheory said:

She sure is precise! She was mentioning different basting techniques she had learned in high school home-economics…it sure sounded more advance than my attempt at pajama bottoms!

Birthday Post! | Thread Theory

Birthday Post! | Thread Theory said:

[…] sounds like similar fabric to the fleece that I used for my dad’s shoulder and back yokes on this cardigan.  I love how she utilized both sides of the fabric: “My fabric was a synthetic […]


Max said:

Absolutely LOVE this so hard! Your dad rocks it!

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