menswear-sewing-patterns I got a bit distracted this morning delving deep into the archives of your inspiring Newcastle Cardigan and Jutland Pants projects!  I've compiled a few of them here in order to feature these two patterns as perfect menswear staples for early Spring.  Some of them are freshly made and some were sewn over a year ago...yes, the morning passed me by quickly!  It wasn't wasted time though since your photos have motivated me to no end and now I'm itching to get back to work developing our upcoming pattern this afternoon.  If you would like to see many more inspiring projects, have a look over at Pattern Review or search Instagram for #newcastlecardigan and #jutlandpants.  Or you can always join the Thread Theory Sewing Community Facebook group!

Newcastle Cardigan

The Newcastle Cardigan is a perfect choice to layer over a long sleeve t-shirt or button-up on a classic early Spring day - you will be ready to bundle up when the sun goes behind a cloud and it is suddenly cool and rainy!  Add a scarf and suddenly the Newcastle looks like outerwear. newcastle-cardigan-fabric-choice Left: Starwhale Right: Tine & Tine L'Atelier newcastle-cardigan-color-choices Left: Trish Right: Sherry (sent by email) sew-the-newcastle-cardigan Left: Beth Right: Linda

Jutland Pants

The Jutland Pants are ideal work pants - they can be customised endlessly to suit whatever task you are working on.  If you are gardening and need to kneel on cold, wet soil, why not add padding and waterproof fabric to your knee reinforcements.  Line your trousers with merino or hard wearing cotton flannel to stay wonderfully warm.  Wax the finished Jutlands with Otter Wax to make them water repellent (as Sara did in the third set of photos below). work-jutland-pants Lisa jutland-pants-details Left: Deanna Right: Kate otter-wax-jutland-pants Sara western-jutlands kristincarroll Thanks for sharing the amazing garments you have made with our Newcastle Cardigan and Jutland Pants patterns!
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Lisa Poblenz (patternandbranch) said:

Thanks from featuring the pants I made my husband! We love the Jutland pants so much! I’ve made him two pairs and I even have a pair cut out from me! I am want to make myself a girl’s Newcastle, but I’m still searching from just the right fabric. Keep up the good work! We love your patterns!

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