Thread Theory Studio-9 All of our PDF patterns now include A0 Print Shop files! If you have purchased one of our patterns in the past, you will have received an email yesterday with a new download link to your pattern.  This new download link will give you access to the A0 print shop files (no other changes have been made to your pattern). If you have purchased one of our patterns in the past but have not received an email with the updated pattern link, don't worry, you can still receive the updated pattern!  Just send me an email to with one of the following: Your order number, an email from us confirming your order, or your old pattern attached to the email as proof of purchase.  I will email you the new pattern file! This pattern update means that you now have access to these three files when you order a PDF pattern from us: 1. Print Shop Version - Roll Feed: Our original print shop file.  Give this file to a print shop that has a 36” wide roll feed printer (these are common in North America). 2. Print Shop Version - A0: Our new print shop file.  Give this file to a print shop that prints on A0 sheets of paper (common in Europe and Australia). 3. Print At Home: A PDF pattern classic.  Print this file at home on any printer that can print on letter or A4 sheets of paper.  Assemble the sheets of paper with tape or glue (this is a meditative activity for me but can be a little cumbersome for others - hence the print shop options).  
  If you have any questions about using a PDF pattern or sending your pattern to a print shop, please check out some of our PDF specific questions in this FAQ page or feel free to ask away by commenting on this blog post! I will be updating our "How to Assemble PDF Patterns" tutorial soon since it is the very first tutorial that we ever made for Thread Theory - it could use a spring cleaning!  With this update in mind, I would love to hear of any stumbling points you might have had when first learning how to work with digital pattern downloads.  Or, if you have remained a steadfast user of tissue patterns, I would love to know what prevents you from giving PDFs a try!



Sarah said:

Thank you!!

Helene Goldberg

Helene Goldberg said:


That’s fabulous! I love it when large-format printing is included in digital patterns! Am I able to download new versions of all your patterns for the shop? Thanks, hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

Kind regards, Helene

Helene Goldberg Stitch 56 14, 19-23 Clarinda Road Oakleigh South VIC 3167

PO Box 3150 Moorabbin East VIC 3189 Australia Ph: 0412 589 584



ThreadTheory said:

Thanks very much for your feedback! That does sound like a laborious process!


ThreadTheory said:

Hi Helene! I’ve emailed you with details :)


lcadzow said:

Since you asked for comments on PDF patterns, I will tell you I have a love/hate relationship with them. (Not just yours, by the way, all PDFs.) What I love: instantaneous, cheaper. What I don’t love: uses lots of paper and some ink, taping heavier weight paper together to get all the pattern pieces. Then, because I don’t like to work (ie, cut out) with the heavier weight paper, I trace to tissue. Finally, if I love the pattern (and several of yours I do), I fuse the tissue patterns, modified for fitting changes, to lightweight, inexpensive interfacing to make a ‘permanent pattern’. So, it’s lots of steps and for me the jury is out whether or not the cost and time savings justify just buying the tissue to begin with. I would love to hear what other sewers think and do in this area.

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