Things have been super busy here what with sending our patterns to print, working on our new pattern designs, planning something else entirely that is super-duper top secret...aside from this photo:


Any guesses what all of this black elastic could lead to? Outside of the millions of things that are going on with Thread Theory, other work, travelling and life itself has been going along in a whirl-wind until things have begun to feel a tad out of control.  This weekend I'll be staying home to try to catch up on the growing pile of work rather than joining Matt for a trip to Port Hardy to visit family and attend a wedding (if anyone that I've cancelled on is reading this - especially Uncle Brett who I've promised to visit in Port Hardy since Matt and I got married - I'm very sorry for skipping out!) ...thus my daydreaming has been completely filled by the idea of a Sew-cation of selfish sewing. Have you heard of the term 'sew-cation' before?  I've seen it crop up on all sorts of blogs and the concept of it is just too enticing to resist: a whole [insert time frame here] where the sewist pushes all other obligations and thoughts out of the way and immerses themselves into a world of sewing, sewing, sewing! I'm going to have mine starting Friday evening, September 20th and spend the weekend working on a few of the millions of selfish sewing projects that have been cramming themselves into my ever growing sewing wish list that sits in the back of my head.  I'm going to watch sewing related movies, drink some wine, make a gourmet dinner or two with Matt and SEW! Do you like to watch movies or shows while you are sewing?  I only tend to when I am sewing something for myself.  If I am sewing Thread Theory samples or pillows and shams for my work with the Heather Company I usually only have music on so that I stay completely focused.  But it will be a different story entirely during my sew-cation! What movies or shows can I add to my small list? I love watching Chocolat for inspiration - aside from the gorgeous outfits, I love the music in the film and the colour and feel of the filming.  I find the cooking scene during which they are preparing for the birthday party makes me want to run to either a fabric store or the grocery store - I am suddenly inspired to sew with luscious chocolate brown silks and make Chicken Mole (yum!). chocolat6 I also love the documentary Bill Cunningham New York which my Textiles class watched last September. bcny_gallery14 The costumes from the Game of Thrones series are amazing inspiration as well (of course). Game-of-Thrones_Emilia-Clarke-blue-dress-side_Image-credit-HBO Here are some inspiration and mood boards that I've made to try to contain my sewing wish list to an achievable amount of items... A little black dress using Sewaholic's Cambie Dress pattern with Scruffy Badger's beautiful trimmed version as inspiration: cambie mood board   Finally, I'll get on board the Scout train and make a couple printed tops (the version over at the secret life of seams is so pretty!): scout tee mood board   After these projects (or instead of these projects depending on where my sewing mojo takes me) I might turn these inspirations into something for myself:


Amazing textile manipulation tutorial


Jorth's Rose and Cabbage Dress


Beautiful version of Colette's Laurel Dress

Have you ever had a sew-cation?  What did you sew and how did you choose to relax?

If you are eager to share your finished Jedediah Pants, Strathcona Henleys or Newcastle Cardigans - you are in luck!  I've made Flickr groups for each pattern (click on each pattern's name to view the group)  so you can easily upload all your photos (in progress or finished) and browse through inspirational photos of other people's projects before you embark on making your own version of a Thread Theory pattern.  I am new to using Flickr so if you notice that I've set something up incorrectly of if I could make the groups easier to use and view, please let me know any suggestions you have!




ThreadTheory said:

Have fun with your sew-cation! I hope you have time for the Jedediah Pants and I look forward to seeing how your Robson turns out!


ThreadTheory said:

I look forward to displaying them :)


ThreadTheory said:

Wow, a whole year! I find the part that holds me back from completing fun sewing projects after work is that I feel like any sane person would be sick of sewing after sewing for two different jobs all day! I’m glad that so far, I still want to be using my evenings to sew too :P


ThreadTheory said:

Wow, that’s awesome you only have the hem left, I can’t wait to see how your shorts turned out! It’ll just be a weekend sew-cation for me…but I think that will be plenty enough time to get right into my projects; I look forward to it!

Sarah - Fabric Tragic

Sarah - Fabric Tragic said:

Have a lovely time! I’d love to take a week off to just sew! Enjoy some selfish sewing (oh and all I have left of my Jedediah shorts is the hemming! On my list this weekend!)


Andrea said:

Good on you for doing this. I can only imagine how busy you’ve been running your business. I took a whole year long sew-cation last year. While my husband went to school in B.C.‘s Sunshine Coast I took a leave of absence to go with him and spent my days sewing and knitting. It was awesome! Now I’m back at work in Toronto and wondering how I’ll ever be able to finish a sewing project ever again while working full time. All that to say, have an awesome sew-cation!


Sandra said:

Sew-cation – what a great idea. I would love to take a weekend away from the family and just immerse myself in my sewing projects – eat when I want, sleep when I want … I love the movie Chocolat, that is a must watch! Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your sew-cation :)


fionaparker17 said:

I’ve got a sew-cation planned for next week and I’m so excited! I’ve got plans to make a Sewaholic Robson, Tania Culottes and perhaps some Jedediah pants for my fella! I love watching tv shows while I’m sewing for myself, I put on a box set and the day flies by!

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