IMGP2124Matt and I have been heading outdoors after work a few times a week of late to take long walks in various rain forests in the Comox Valley.  Over the summer, we became enamored with the concept of foraging, and now that mushroom season is upon us, I am itching to get out mushroom hunting every evening! We just had our first foraged mushroom meal on Wednesday (a Lobster Mushroom Pizza!), and now that we've been able to successfully identify one species of mushroom, I have another page marked in my mushroom identification book so that we can head out there to expand our repetoir (next is Chanterelles). With all that being said, I have discovered that Matt and I both need some better waterproof or at least water resistant rain gear!  Be both have a lot of wool outerwear, hats, scarves and gloves because I made a lot of our outerwear when we lived in Halifax.  It was much drier and colder there and so I allowed my love of wool to dictate my fabric choice when sewing our winter clothes.  My wool jacket turned out beautifully but I haven't had much occasion to wear it since we moved back to B.C. because it is simply so wet and warm here!  When wearing wool coats, I run the risk of smelling like a wet dog all day :P. IMGP2125 To solve this lack of west-coast style rain gear, I'm working on a Minoru for myself right now in a lovely waterproof, fleece-backed material that I bought during the New Years Fabricland sale last winter.  I think it will result in a coat that is light, wind resistant, water resistant, and easy to move around in - perfect for mushroom hunting!IMGP2121 I'll write another post about my jacket once it is finished and I have tested it out!  For now though, I am really pleased with this Sewaholic Pattern (as per usual) and have been noticing Matt's envious glances into my sewing room (I guess I know what I'll be sewing for him soon...).  



ThreadTheory said:

It’ll be such a nice feeling when the weather warms up next year and you have an awesome new jacket sitting there ready for you!


ThreadTheory said:

The tartan fabric is a seperate fleece that I used as lining in the hood and the collar. I lined the sleeves with a slippery mesh and the rest I kept unlined so I could feel the cozy fleece backing (it’s dark grey – I’ll be sure to get some pictures of it when I’ve finished the jacket).


ThreadTheory said:

I got it from my local Fabricland. I can’t say I’ve seen similar fabric in other fabric stores unfortunately!

Finished Minoru Jacket | Thread Theory

Finished Minoru Jacket | Thread Theory said:

[…] finished my Minoru!  I posted in-progress photos a while ago and today I have the final photo shoot with Luki as my […]


Claire said:

Ohh how lovely! What wonderful fabric! I’m working on this same pattern, but a light weight version. It’s gotten so cold I might have missed the opportunity to wear it this year. Oops


clemensnp said:

Looks amazing! I’m looking for wintery sewing projects and this looks like a good’un…Is the tartan fabric the back of the waterproof fabric or have you lined it?? Catherine x

Jane's sew & tell

Jane's sew & tell said:

Fabulous fabric. Where did you get it from?


gingermakes said:

Ooh, this looks so cute (and practical, too)!

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