Here is a mid-week sneak peak at the second Newcastle Cardigan sample, this time a size medium sewn up in a cotton knit with a touch of acrylic. IMGP0455 My Granddad kindly modeled it for us and added a very classy vibe!  He has requested a cardigan for himself (the one he's modelling has already been claimed) with slightly shortened sleeves to closer match the sleeve length he is used to - a testament to the cardigan's versatility for all ages and styles! Next up are a few future cardigans - a large in both brown and grey sweatshirt fleece as well as a beautiful green wool blend which has not yet been assigned a size.  Exciting! IMGP0441



Christine said:

I think your design and the variety that can be had with details is admirable. I showed your first two samples to some younger males and they were interested in having me make one to fit. They want to model it too!


ThreadTheory said:

Thanks for spreading the word about the pattern – I’m glad that the design had a positive reception. I’ll contact you through email with details about modeling!


Jess said:

Wow! Love your work! Makes me want to learn to sew so can make the husband one! Your grandad is a great model too :)


ThreadTheory said:

Thanks! And thank you for checking out my blog Jess :) He did a great job didn’t he? He really got into it!

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