I'm sitting here in front of the computer with glazed over eyes and a muddled brain after a week-long power session of writing instructions and drawing diagrams!  Here is a tantalizing glimpse at a few of my favorite diagrams.  I'm sure you can tell what our next pattern will be! Burrito-Method Collar-Stand Tower-Placket Yup, it's the long-awaited button-up shirt!  The instruction booklet for our the Fairfield Button-up is now with our graphic designer and it will be headed to test sewers shortly.  Whew...what a relief to have a new menswear pattern near to completion at last!  


Finlayson Sweater – Thread Theory Designs – Smiles & Handiwork

Finlayson Sweater – Thread Theory Designs – Smiles & Handiwork said:

[…] am also already excited for my anticipated next Thread Theory project. A sneak peek of the Fairfield Button-up came out this month and I can’t wait for the release! I have not yet tackled a button up […]


ThreadTheory said:

Thanks for bringing that up! I will most definitely do a blog post explaining how I worked with the amazing feedback everyone gave when I put out a call for ideas! It was incredibly helpful and guided the entire design and drafting process. I can’t wait to share the details.


ThreadTheory said:

Our sizing will be explained really clearly! We’ve drafted two separate patterns – one for average figures and one for larger figures with sizing that overlaps – so I am explaining how to choose the right proportions thoroughly in the instruction booklet! Everything is great over here. We’re excited for Spring. I hope things are well for you too and that you are enjoying life as newlyweds!


ThreadTheory said:

We do have a pattern tester list like this and occasionally send out emails to this list looking for people who fit a certain size or can sew to a certain deadline. If anyone would like to be added to this list, just email me at info@threadtheory.ca and I will do so! :)


Helene said:

Ah yes! If you just make a pattern for socks next, we can outfit our men head to toe in ThreadTheory, ha! Can’t wait!


Birgitte said:

Yey! Can’t wait to hear more about this! So happy for your success.


ThreadTheory said:

:P Glad you’re excited! We’ll be launching the PDF first and will offer our usual deal: When the tissue pattern launches anyone who bought the PDF can receive the Tissue pattern minus the cost of the PDF so it is essentially like pre-ordering. It allows us to build the funds to print the pattern and it gets the pattern out there for everyone to use sooner!


ThreadTheory said:

That’s very nice to hear! Thank you!


ThreadTheory said:

We’ll be launching the PDF first and then, once the Tissue pattern is ready, anyone who bought the PDF can receive the Tissue pattern minus the cost of the PDF (so the PDF will be free). It’s kind of like pre-ordering and gets the pattern out there to sewers sooner :D


ThreadTheory said:

That’s awesome! Not long for you to wait now! I hope his current work shirts can hang in there a few more weeks :D

Lisa Poblenz (patternandbranch)

Lisa Poblenz (patternandbranch) said:

This is exciting! I look forward to seeing it. I know Megan Nielsen allows people to sign up as potential testers and then she will go through her list when a new pattern needs testing and people can say yes or no if they are able and willing to test. Do you have something like that?


MadeByMeg said:

Aah I love that technique at the top! Can’t wait to see the pattern!

Sara K.

Sara K. said:

Yes! Yes! So much yes!


craftsanctuary said:

Can’t wait! I’ve been waiting to make one for my guy for ages :)


Anonymous said:

I cannot express how much I’ve been looking forward to this! ?


meganleiann said:

Oh! Oh! Oh! I am literally waiting to sew all my husband’s work shirts until this pattern is released! I don’t even want to bother with another pattern when I know this one will be perfect! (No pressure.)


anya-zoe said:

I can not wait!!!


Birgitte said:

Oh how very very exciting! It’s been so fun to have seen this gone from a seedling of an idea to almost being ready! I’d be super curious to hear more about the choices you’ve made during the design and drafting-process – I know you were open for input a while back, to hear what people felt was missing in the shirt patterns that are already out there. What features did you decide on, and why? Oh, now I need to find someone who wants a shirt sewn for them! :D

Roni Arbel-Yaffe

Roni Arbel-Yaffe said:

Yey! You know I’ll be the first in line :) is it weird that the pattern isn’t out yet and I’m already agonizing regarding what size to make?

I hope that the fact the pattern is almost out means everyone is OK and well around your part of the world…

Bobines et Babines

Bobines et Babines said:

Oh ! I’m dreaming of making a shirt for my man. Wish I could test yours! Details look great !


Rebecca said:

Awesome! Wish I could test ;)


Gale said:

I am thrilled about this. Your patterns are amongst my favourites.


Naia said:

I was hoping you would announce something like this. Can we pre-order?


Cynthia said:

I sew all men’s shirts in our family and I can’t wait to sew this one! Put me on the pre-order list! Congratulations Morgan and Matt!


Bethanie said:

Woooohoo!! Can we preorder? :D


Jana said:

Yessss! I’m so looking forward to this! I love to sew shirts!


Sue said:

Great name for your new pattern!

Helene Goldberg

Helene Goldberg said:

Yay!!! Very exciting!!!

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