I spent Monday writing item descriptions for our website, we did a photo shoot on Wednesday and I wrote a draft for the newsletter yesterday...you know what that means: A collection of something new and exciting will be added to the shop next week (on Tuesday)! IMG_0341.JPG This photo may be an obvious hint to some.  Recognize anything? I will send out a newsletter on Tuesday morning featuring a special sale code for the new items.  If you haven't signed up for our newsletter yet, you still have time!



Lena said:

Oh no :( I had hoped for a new pattern for men! I am so happy that finally someone focused on those (and made already great ones)!


PsychicKathleen said:

I’m HOPING it’s a new pattern for women :)


ThreadTheory said:

No such luck! It’s not a new Thread Theory pattern release (this time!). Keep guessing :)


ThreadTheory said:

Matt LOVES his Pentax! I love that he enjoys using it (I’m hopeless at photography!).


Marion said:



Hachi said:

That looks like Negroni?!

Accidental Seamstress

Accidental Seamstress said:

That camera is epic. I want one! :)

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