It's been just over a month since I posted about our new standing desk so it is time to update you on how it has worked out for us! Here is our old office space (pre-standing desk): CornerDesk-4 Here is the standing desk when it was first built: IMGP1949 And here is what it looks like today! IMGP2224 As you can see, we stained it a very pretty walnut color.  I haven't fully decorated/organized the area yet but it looks better than the old office arrangement did, in my opinion. IMGP2219 I like things to look a lot more minimalist than the corner desk monstrosity allowed.IMGP2210 The best part of our new office arrangement is how Matt and I feel.  Since beginning to use the standing desk my lower back pains are totally gone!  Matt reports the same thing :).  At first the back pains were replaced by tired legs and feet but we built up stamina within two weeks. IMGP2213 I bought a rug off of Craigslist which helps keep our feet comfortable and warm.  Even though it's not a super thick rug, having something to remove us from the linoleum and concrete floor just slightly made a really big difference.  We might add a rug underlay in the near future as the weather continues to become colder. ...By the way, say hi to our new dog, Luki (below)!  We adopted him a couple weeks ago!  I have a feeling most photo-shoots will now include a dog as one of the main features :P. IMGP2223 I like the natural light the desk receives from the window beside it.  I was worried at first that I wouldn't like staring at the wall ahead of me and I still think this would be the case if it weren't for the window beside me. IMGP2221 We have several plans for the desk in the future - we would like to add some sort of shelving to the bottom or maybe add a separate unit elsewhere in the room to house the printer, scanner and office supplies.  This would clear up the desk space considerably which would make it more useful for packing orders (which I still do on the dining room table). IMGP2217 We've already added some hooks to the side of the desk to start making the surface more functional: IMGP2211 The next improvement I'd like to make is to figure out some sort of covering for the big power cord that extends to the outlet - maybe a galvanized steel tube to match the sawhorse brackets? IMGP2214 Matt did a great job of cable management - just look at all those wires!  It is very difficult to make such a 'bare bones' desk design house so many different electronics without looking like a rats nest! IMGP2215 We'd also like to add two hanging pendant lights like these ones to light each of our workstations.  It can get a bit dark when the blinds are down.  Whenever it is sunny it's necessary to close the blinds to prevent glare on the computer screen :(. IMGP2218 So, as you can see there are still quite a few changes to make to our office arrangement.  For now, though, I'm really pleased with the more active lifestyle this desk has created!  I find I'm less prone to seamlessly transitioning from work to personal computer use when I am at the standing desk.  I feel more focused when I am standing and far less 'vegetative'. IMGP2209 I hope you've enjoyed learning about this change to our work day!  I would love to hear suggestions for office organization if you have any - especially if they correspond to the printer, scanner, cable management, or lighting issues that I mentioned throughout this post :).
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Sox said:

I really like your setup. It looks great.
I am looking at getting a standup desk for home -I have a standing desk at work. I was told to get a block of wood (or a couple of phone books) to rest a foot upon so I could change postions and prevent blood pooling.
How is the top attached to the sawhorses?

Corinne said:

I really like the walnut stain you chose and I LOVE the rustic yet chic look of it. I can totally see why you love working at it. It’s gorgeous plus I can just imagine how much easier on the back it is. Yay for the new desk!

Kayleen said:

You could use Luki as a foot warmer?;)

ThreadTheory said:

Thanks so much! Yes, a fatigue mat is definitely on the shopping list. For now, I wear my running shoes if my feet start to get tired! :P

ThreadTheory said:

Thanks, Sox! A block of wood would definitely be nice; I find myself shifting my weight around from side to side, and something to raise a foot onto is a great idea! The top boards (2×6 so it’s nice and heavy) are screwed down to the 2×4′s in the saw horse (see picture #6). Then, to keep the 2×4′s from rolling (since they’re on edge), I put another 2×4 on edge that runs parallel to the top boards (as seen in the cable management picture) which really stabilized it!

Janey Millar said:

Standing desks rock, this looks gorgeous! You can buy special anti fatigue mats designed for standing desks that make it more comfortable to stand!

Linda of Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!! said:

Luki is sooo distracting, I don’t think I would be able to get anything done with him around!

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